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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black Panther Voter Intimidation

Black Panther members are stationed at over 300 voting precincts and are attempting to intimidate voters supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin. Kansas City.com:

    Black Panther party members in full uniform are stationed at some 300 polling places in battleground states. Are they trying to intimidate voters who would be voting for John McCain?

    Well you can judge for yourself. This video shows two Black Panther members, one carrying a nightstick, at a Philadelphia polling place. How many people were intimidated by these two before police made the one with the nightstick leave the premises? The other one is still there. Are any of you who voted for Obama having second thoughts yet?


    It really is obvious that Democrats are trying to steal this election. They have been aided by a media who refuses to investigate these things and in fact has tried to aid them by trying to suppress McCain voting by indicating that the outcome is inevitable.

    In 2000, there were over 50 different investigations trying to prove that Gore actually won Florida. None were able to do so. Bush won again in 2004 despite the efforts of the Kerry campaign to suppress the military vote and again more voters than actual people in parts of Ohio. There were claims of problems with voting machines but Kerry declined an investigation possibly because he was worried that improprieties of his own campaign might be brought to light.

Here are links to the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

At this video, one of the "security patrol" Black Panthers waves a nightstick around in a threatening and intimidating manner in Philadelphia.

And at this video, the police respond to the Black Panthers seen in the first video.

If anyone attempts to intimidate or interfere with your right to vote, call the cops!

The Obama Cultists are trying to steal the election.


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Just an addendum to your post, it turns out that the "Black Panther" is probably there to intimidate Obama voters, seeing as how he (the Panther) said the following of Obama's Candidacy:

"[Obama] is a puppet on a string. I don't support no black man running for white politics. I will not vote for who will be the next slavemaster"


I'm sure there's more voter intimidation to be found elsewhere that fits your narrative -- carry on.
So all the other 299 precincts with Black Panther members are also against Obama? Is that the conclusion you are drawing and making from one incident?

See, you fell into your own trap. You're not clever at all.
I checked out the link the above commenter provided and I put in my .02 under the comments there.

"It doesn't matter why they were there... it doesn't matter if they were there to intimidate Obama or McCain supporters. The fact is, they should not have been standing out there with any type of weapon. There's no reason for them to be there other than some sort of intimidation... why else would ANYONE go stand in front of a polling station? Just because you're bored.. I doubt it."

Ultimately... they were there to be big, bad and hostile... ready to take on anyone for any reason and then be able to say they were protection "someone"... who ever that is.
Good, Bug, good for you for adding your comment there.

Look, the Anony commenter is a pus bag who will return, read my and your comment, and make no attempt at defending "itself" because he/she/it can't. They're just unhappy, unclever little Trolls.
I don't think I said anything controversial -- and I agree with "Bug" . . . no one should be intimidated out of voting for any reason if they are legally allowed to vote.

I also never called you names because I implicitly give you respect because you're a fellow person. I'd appreciate it if you did the same. If we can't have a respectful dialogue between two citizens of a democracy, then we're in trouble as a nation.
We've heard about how the left sets people up to respond to blogs in this fashion...
Philadelphia sucks so bad. I am so glad I don't live in that lawless violent pit anymore.

The Black Panthers were a mixed bag of good and bad in the 1960's but by the early 80's they, like black nationalism in general (except for a few economic points) are useless.

Well from a Minnesotan that is happy he only had to look at some hot women and no big bad sticks when he voted, thanks for bringing this to light David. I would have missed it.
If they left sent this guy to post I think we all should feel insulted. Obviously he is pretty far from there most gifted blog watchdog and they are clearly missing the importance of this blog dammit.

Can they at least Carvile or if you really want to light my fire and get me going as heavy as you guys....let them send Bill Mahr.

Ha Ha!

The Anonymous guy didn't even think his point through well!

I never called you names. I said you weren't clever. There is a difference.

You wrote I'm sure there's more voter intimidation to be found elsewhere that fits your narrative -- carry on.

The links in the story do fit my narrative, I don't need to find more examples, although yes, they are certainly out there.

YES! I second your comment. It's so hard to tell these days if something is a "set-up" or not. And it's always much more difficult to tell when the issue is related to Liberal politics.

Yeah, I dunno if Anony didn't think his/her thought through completely enough or what.

Anyone doing a precinct observation brandishing a nightstick can't help but not be perceived as threatening to anyone of any color or gender or age, etc.
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