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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And The Winner Is...

I'm okay with Barack Hussein Obama, Junior winning stealing the White House. He'll be a one-termer, just like Jimmy Carter, and his policies will plunge us further and deeper into a depression. In 2010 voters will overwhelmingly elect a Conservative Congress and in 2012 boot Obama's sorry ass out of the White House and elect a real, true Conservative.

If Obama steals the White House, rest assured, I plan to treat him exactly as The Left, The Haters and The Obama Cultists have treated President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney, Republicans and Conservatives over the past eight years.

I will be mildly surprised if John McCain and Sarah Palin win.

At the time I am writing this (publishing it with a later timestamp), no winner in the presidential race has been declared. But let me say this; in the event that Obama steals the White House, here is my first question for the general audience: Which Obama daughter,
Malia Ann or Natasha ("Sasha"), will be the first to get pregnant and receive an abortion while in the White House?

There, you Obama Cultists have an idea of the tone I'll set for the next four years if your Messiah wins. Get used to it.


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I'm with you.

I say we treat Obama just as the left has treated Bush. Let's see how they like it.
Dave I look forward to 4 years of incredible laughs you will be providing us all from all the fodder Obama in the White House will provide.

I also hope your point is true and that by 2012 the Republican Party is back to small government thinking.
If it makes you happy to belittle the accomplishments of our president that is obviously your choice. I am just curious why you seem to be so hateful towards your other fellow Americans. It is not as if Republicans are the only patriotic Americans. A significant majority of the population voted Obama into the White House. It seems to make more sense to support the President of the United States of America and trust his judgment. I hope you find the ability to become tolerant of other people's beliefs.
Scaramouche, really, you agree? Or are you pulling my chain? I do think Obama should treated just as Bush. I really do.

Thanks man. I'll try not to disappoint you in the laughs.

I agree with you on 2012. I hope we only have to sit through one term of Obama.

I'm not hateful. I'm simply applying the same standard used by The Left against Bush over the past eight years and plan to do the same with Obama. I'm curious why you would call that hateful?

I'm a very tolerant and open-minded person. Anyone who knows me will vouch for me on this. I wish Liberals and Progressives would be as tolerant.
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