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Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's "Muslim Faith."
Why Did He Say It?

This is an issue that hasn't disappeared for me and I imagine many others feel the same way.

I want to repeat what I've written here many times: It's not that Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is likely a Muslim - it's THAT HE'S BEEN REPEATEDLY LYING ABOUT IT TO THE PUBLIC.

It's the statement from Obama - during a conversation with George Stephanopoulos - when Obama said, "my Muslim faith."

Here is the video clip.

Here's what is so troubling; how could anyone make a slip like this if their past contained no trace of what it is they deny?

Would you expect a lifelong heterosexual male to slip, saying, "my gay lifestyle."

Would you expect a lifelong Democrat to slip, saying, "my Republican ideology."

Would you expect a lifelong person of Jewish faith to slip, saying, "my Christian faith."

Would you expect a lifelong Atheist to slip, saying, "my Muslim (or) Jewish (or) Christian faith."

The answer to all the above is "no."

So why would anyone expect someone who claims never to have been part of, or practiced, Islam, to say, "my Muslim Faith,"?

Obama's "slip" is such a telling detail, one that he wouldn't have even realized he said had not Stephanopoulos so dutifully jumped in to help the MSM Candidate.

The truth often comes out unexpectedly in slips of the tongue, and his comment during the Stephanopoulos interview is a telling slip.

Once again, it's not that he is a Muslim that is the issue. IT'S THAT HE'S BEEN LYING ABOUT IT.

Stephanopoulos would have jumped all over the person saying "my Muslim faith," if those words were spoken by any Republican who claimed to be a lifelong Christian. Instead, Stephanopoulos was only too eager to rescue Obama. Without the rescue from Stephanopoulos, Obama wouldn't have realized he said "my Muslim faith."

These days Hillary Clinton must be living in a world of 151-proof rum shaking her head, asking herself, "how did I lose to this guy?"

It's not that I distrust Obama because he's likely a Muslim. I distrust him because he's a liar. He's an impostor and a Marxist. And we don't need no steenkin' Marxists in the Oval Office.


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It was a slip, that's all. You're out of your mind.
Yadda, yadda, whatever, Anony, whatever. You just keep on drinking that Obama Brand Kool-Aid!
>Would you expect a lifelong heterosexual male to slip, saying, "my gay lifestyle."

If the discussion was about someone calling him a fag? Then yes, of course he might.

You're a nutjob, but I have to give you credit for not deleting comments that call you a nutjob.
Anonymous -

Uh...no, in your scenario of a het male misspeaking saying "my gay lifestyle" - - - it would never happen.

Of course, I see the other example I made went unchallenged by you.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and read my policy on publishing comments. I usually don't publish Anony comments unless I find them particularly amusing, stupid, daft and ignorant. And you meet and exceed all those qualifications.

But hey, I appreciate you visiting the blog. That, I will give you.
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