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Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's $150 Million

No doubt about it, seems like Barry McTeleprompter is trying to buy himself the White House.

He raised $150 Million Dollars in September. Huh, maybe we aren't in an economic downturn after all.

The economy is performing grandly for The Obamalith, considering his windfall, record-setting month of campaign cash.

Those Obama Cultists contributing to him sure aren't feeling the downward trend of the economy, are they? No, those Cultists are doing just fine, thank you very much. They have to be, because of all the cash they're funneling to Obama.

Nope, no recession for The Obama Cultists, they're wallets and purses aren't tapped out, not by a long shot. Not only were they able to donate in the past, they have so much money, many of them are making second and third-time donations. Recession? What recession? The Obama Cultists must have too much money, therefore a redistribution of their wealth necessitates their contributions to Their Messiah.

Big Money Buying the White House is okay with Liberals
as long as it's being bought by a Liberal Marxist.

You don't see The Cultists parting with their money into any other worthy causes though, do you? No, they can't spare a dime for the USO, for pre-paid phone cards for our Soldiers, to buy some stationary and a book of stamps, or Silly String, or Beef Jerky or Baby Wipes or waterless hand sanitizer and donate it to an organization that will ship all it over to our Soldiers. Nope, they don't have the money for that. They don't have the money to lavish on the U.S. Military. But pony up another donation to The Illinois Muslim? Oh, they have more than enough money for that. Or do they...?

Or could it be that foreign donations from al-Qaida, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are being bundled for Obama? Money from terrorists? Money from the Bin Laden family? From the Saudis? Oh, this is a criticism that The Left lobbed against Republicans for the past eight years, but it's completely unspoken and never mentioned now. Huh, I wonder why? It sure is puzzling. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, blanketing in a sausage inside barrel. Yep, quite the perplexing conundrum of a mystery, it is! I wonder why The Left isn't saying anything about it?

I bet if Obama wins steal the election, he'll have enough money leftover so that he'll turn the White House into a mosque!


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Me thinks I smell a rat here.
Me too. I just don't believe Obama is getting these record breaking donations from a bunch of Kool Aid drinkers coughing up $25-$50 per month, do you?

It's gotta be bundled foreign money from terrorists. Gotta be.
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