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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama, Best Friend Slumlords Ever Had

An eye-opener from The Philly Bulletin that you won't hear from the MSM because they are too busy protecting Democrat Presidential Fraud Barack Hussein Obama, Junior - the Affirmative Action Candidate.

    This is one sliver of how Sen. Obama's actions will translate into disaster totally contrary to his saccharin-sweet speeches. When you ponder what candidate can best handle the economy, take into account how Sen. Obama betrayed the public trust and how he was a central figure in some of the worst economic management of recent times.


    Using his elected office and his clout, Obama helped Tony Rezko and other unscrupulous low-income housing developers, a.k.a. slumlords, obtain millions of dollars in state grants, tax credits, low-interest loans, and regulatory advantage."


    Mr. Rezko and the others helped by Sen. Obama's legislative work proved to be slumlords, so Sen. Obama was in effect making Mr. Rezko and other developers rich by building housing that was then left to deteriorate into uninhabitable slums. Mr. Freddoso writes, "Taxpayers had no serious chance of recouping these 'investments' in Mr. Rezko and other developers. And many beneficiaries went one step farther, depriving the public of even the benefits they could have gotten. These developers took government help to build low-income housing, and then let their buildings deteriorate into uninhabitable slums."

    Sen. Obama was a great champion of this kind of low-income housing, but he was also a champion of his donors and friends responsible for the housing who then neglected the developments so they became slums.

    Sen. Obama introduced at least six bills giving these developers special tax breaks, tax credits, building and maintenance subsidies, and zoning exemptions. He wrote letters on behalf of his close associate and now felon, Mr. Rezko, and another close friend and former boss at a law firm, Allison Davis. He was the godfather of these slum developments.


    "Mice scamper through the halls. Battered mailboxes hang open. Sewage backs up into kitchen sinks. In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale - a score so bad the buildings now face demolition."


    Another Obama donor, Cecil Butler, also became an Obama financed and sponsored slumlord. His Lawndale Restoration complex was confiscated by the government in 2006, "after city inspectors found more than 1,000 violations."

    The city of Chicago sued Mr. Rezko's company at least a dozen times for failure to heat its properties. At one of the Mr. Rezko's developments, tenants went without heat from late December 1996 to mid-February 1997. Mr. Rezko's company claimed it lacked funds to heat the unit in Mr. Obama's district. But it had enough money so Mr. Rezko could write a check for $1,000 on Jan. 14, 1997 for the campaign fund of state senator Mr. Obama.

    Mr. Rezko wasn't a small time operator. Over one decade, Mr. Rezko's company would get more than $100 million in loans from the city, state and federal governments in addition to private bank loans all for low-income public housing in Chicago.

See, if you object to Obama because of his past, his inexperience and his lack of qualifications, it's not because of things like the above. It's because you're racist. At least that's what the Obama Cultists would want you to believe about yourself.

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It would only take just one of these issues to torpedo McCain. Just one. UFB. A twenty plus year association with the Little Church of Hate. The hate America first spouse. The slumlord. The voter fraud activist organization. The Fannie and Freddie gravy train. The religion flip flop. The neo-Marxist club. Really where does it stop? Hopefully not the White House. UFB.
Absolutely, Molson. And we both know the MSM would be on it and all over it non-stop. Whatever it would take to derail McCain or any other Repub in favor of the latest fad Liberal, and in this case, it's FraudyMcObamaFraud.

I don't know where it stops. Maybe at one of the peaks of those Colorado Mtns? Christ, it's gotta stop somewhere, doesn't it?
It stops in the White House. sigh
Here is the thing all these things are just hanging curveballs waiting for a Leader on the right to come point them out.
Arc, well, yeah, it's supposed to stop in or at the WH. Don't expect the MSM to be objective. About anything. Ever.
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