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Monday, October 06, 2008

Mystery Campaign Donors To Obama

Who are these mystery people donating so much money to the Barack Hussein Obama, Junior presidential campaign?

Well, it seems like the Federal Election Commission wants to know who these untraceable and non-existent people are too.

From Newsweek:

    ...donors giving individual sums of $200 or less don't have to be publicly reported. Consider the cases of Obama donors "Doodad Pro" of Nunda, N.Y., who gave $17,130, and "Good Will" of Austin, Texas, who gave more than $11,000—both in excess of the $2,300-per-person federal limit. In two recent letters to the Obama campaign, Federal Election Commission auditors flagged those (and other) donors and informed the campaign that the sums had to be returned. Neither name had ever been publicly reported because both individuals made online donations in $10 and $25 increments. "Good Will" listed his employer as "Loving" and his occupation as "You," while supplying as his address 1015 Norwood Park Boulevard, which is shared by the Austin nonprofit Goodwill Industries. Suzanha Burmeister, marketing director for Goodwill, said the group had "no clue" who the donor was. She added, however, that the group had received five puzzling thank-you letters from the Obama campaign this year, prompting it to send the campaign an e-mail in September pointing out the apparent fraudulent use of its name.

    "Doodad Pro" listed no occupation or employer; the contributor's listed address is shared by Lloyd and Lynn's Liquor Store in Nunda. "I have never heard of such an individual," says Diane Beardsley, who works at the store and is the mother of one of the owners. "Nobody at this store has that much money to contribute." (She added that a Doodad's Boutique, located next door, had closed a year ago, before the donations were made.)

The Republican National Committee if filing an official complaint with the FEC on Monday regarding Obama's dubious campaign contribution: The Hill:

    The Republican National Committee (RNC) will file a formal complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Monday that accuses Sen. Obama’s (Ill.) campaign of taking contributions from individuals who are foreigners and who have given more during the primary than the $2,300-per-person limit.


    [the complaint] also noted that Obama had to return $33,000 from two Palestinian brothers living in the Gaza Strip earlier this year. FEC reports show that Obama has yet to return nearly $900 of that money, RNC lawyer Sean Cairncross said.

    RNC communications director Danny Diaz criticized Obama’s motives for taking the controversial donations.

    “John McCain has consistently put country first, his life, career, is a testament to that,” Diaz said in a conference call on Sunday. “Barack Obama has put himself first.”

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