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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Murtha Could Lose Re-election

John Murtha, Pork Spending King, Lunatic

Longtime Pennsylvania CommieCrat John "Our Marines are murderers" Murtha
might not win another term as a U.S. Congressman. Gather:

    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported October 23 that Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha is in a statistical dead heat with Republican challenger William Russell, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who decided to run against Murtha after the congressman made disparaging remarks about Marines serving in Iraq.

    According to the report, Murtha holds a lead of just over 4 percentage points, which is within the polling margin of error for the poll cited by the Tribune-Review. The poll was taken immediately after Murtha's latest controversial remark about constituents in his district, so the poll may change again after the effect of Murtha's comments wears off a bit.

    After referring to some of his constituents as racists, the Tribune-Review says "...Murtha later said many in Western Pennsylvania were ‘rednecks' several years ago." As would be expected, Republican challenger Russell saw an opportunity to gain some ground in the polls. The Tribune-Review says "About 54 percent of voters among those polled say it's time for someone else to represent them in Congress.

I can't think of anything better than to put this archaic Liberal Dinosaur out to pasture. I don't think Murtha has yet apologized to the U.S. Marines he eagerly called, "murderers."

Visit BootMurtha.

Murtha's Republican and Conservative challengers is William (Bill) Russell, a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm, Kosovo and most recently Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It's time to retire Murtha.

Support Bill Russell. Vote for him.

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has the statute of limitations passed for ABSCAM?
Nuke, my good blogging friend, how are you? I am so pleased to hear from you. I don't get out to your place (or many others due to time restraints) as often as I should these days. I do try to visit everyone on my blogroll at least one a month, but sometimes time just gets aways from me. And yep, I bet it's been 4 weeks or so since I left a comment over at your place.

That's a good question on ABSCAM. Gee, I have to think that stat of limmys expired, but maybe if there was a new discovery of something having to do with Murth and ABSCAM were to surface that chapter could open up all over again.

Murtha should be beatable. If I were running the campaign of his opponent, I'd run that footage of Murtha, with that angry scowl calling the Marines in Haditha "murderers" over and over and fucking over again on radio, television and print ads.

Geez I'm happy to hear from you. I promise to get over and see you more often.

Best to you and yours, always; always.
Oh how I would love to go to PA to vote against Murtha and vote for Bill Russell. You think ACORN could help me out?
Murtha at least paid his dues as a man who served in the military! unlike the draft dodgers who act tough as Pres and VP and send our troops to a cause that will end up putting a Shia govt in power! Our heroic sevicemen and women, and the US taxpayer are paying to CREATE an Iranian ally with our blood and money. No matter how you look at it! We should be venting our anger at Bush and Cheney, not Murtha.
Molson, Yep, if i could vote against Murtha I would. No doubt about it. His opponent Bill Russell sounds like he has the right stuff. I'd like to see him defeat Murtha.

Did I denigrate Murtha anywhere in the post for his Military service? Not one bit. In fact, he jumped to conclusions of the Marines who all have been cleared. And he hasn't bothered to offer an apology to them. Shameful on his part, just shameful.

Oh, blah blah the President and VP are draft-dodgers. Is that the best you got? Bill Clinton is a draft-dodger. At least W test flew jets, not exactly a danger-free thing to do. Look it up.

Did Obama serve in the Military? Uh, no. Remember the interview he gave saying he thought about serving but since it was in peace time he chose not to sign up? What a lame answer.

Joe Biden=no Military service, received a deferment for asthma.

You have a solid case of Bush and Cheney Derangement Syndrome, Anony. Seek help. They're not running for re-election.
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