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Saturday, October 11, 2008

More ACORN Voter Registration Fraud

How 'bout that ACORN, ladies and gentlemen. Not a day going by without new information surfacing about ACORN and voter fraud. What a nice, little Fascist organization the Liberals have going for themselves with ACORN.

You can review the complete ACORN Escapades by clicking on the word ACORN at the bottom of this post following the word, LABELS. You'll find an archive of ACORN stories and their drive to register people who don't exist to vote, all for Obama, of course.

The latest is from the New York Post who says he was paid in cigarettes by ACORN to register to vote:

    A man at the center of a voter-registration scandal told The Post yesterday he was given cash and cigarettes by aggressive ACORN activists in exchange for registering an astonishing 72 times, in apparent violation of Ohio laws.

    "Sometimes, they come up and bribe me with a cigarette, or they'll give me a dollar to sign up," said Freddie Johnson, 19, who filled out 72 separate voter-registration cards over an 18-month period at the behest of the left-leaning Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.


    ACORN is under investigation in Ohio and at least eight other states - including Missouri, where the FBI said it's planning to look into potential voter fraud - for over-the-top efforts to get as many names as possible on the voter rolls regardless of whether a person is registered or eligible.

If Obama is so great, so beloved by Americans and by the world, if his message is so universally appealing and he's a shoo-in for the White House, and he has the answer to everything, then why are the Dems going to such desperate measures in trying to rig the election?


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Blatant unrelenting wide spread voter fraud isn't voter fraud when ACORN does it. It's community activism. Speaking of wide spread. That's what we'll all be when the Fraudocrats get done with us.
Molson, Oh, the Dems would be screaming like pigs in a bear trap if ACORN was a Republican organization. But ACORN gets that all important Free Pass from the Socialists. Fucking hypocrites.
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