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Friday, October 24, 2008

Montana Democrat Outsource Robocalls To Romania!

So much for the Democrats rhetoric of American jobs for American workers!

The Dems in Montana outsourced their political Robocalls to Romania! Billings Gazette:

    Republicans, furious about negative campaign phone calls made by Democrats last week in Billings, did everything but label the tactic un-American.

    Turns out, they could have.

    The calls were made from Romania, according to phone records submitted this week to the state commissioner of political practices.

    Jack Sands, a GOP candidate in Senate District 27 and the target of the Oct. 12 calls, filed the complaint alleging that the people making the calls didn't identify who they were calling for. Senate District 27 includes parts of Billings and Yellowstone County. State law prohibits anonymous election material.


    Sands hired a detective, Dale Mortensen, to trace the origin of the calls. Mortensen worked with voter Echo Jamieson, who got Bresnan Communications to release its log of incoming and outgoing calls related to her account. The 406-000-0000 calls, of which Jamieson received six in four hours, originated in Romania, according to Bresnan.

    Wednesday, Political Practices Commissioner Dennis Unsworth said Sands' complaint against the Montana Democratic Party met the procedural requirements for consideration. The Democrats will be asked to respond to the charge. Afterward, the commissioner will have to decide whether a full investigation is necessary. In the final weeks before the Nov. 4 election, the compliance cases are beginning to pile up at the commissioner's office.

Oh, yeah, the Democrats are pro-jobs and pro-America. They're for keeping jobs here, in America. Yeah...riiiiiiight.


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