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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mahoneygate: Wife Files For Divorce

Ms. Terry Mahoney, married to her husband, Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney for over twenty years, has filed for divorce because of Tim's serial philandering with at least two mistresses that we know of.


    Rep. Tim Mahoney's (D-FL) wife has filed for divorce amid allegations that the congressman paid a former staffer to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit, as well as a recent admission by Mahoney that he had engaged in "multiple affairs."

    The congressman's wife of more than two decades, Terry Mahoney, filed court papers seeking a divorce on Monday. The couple have a daughter named Bailey.

    ABC reported last week that Mahoney paid a former congressional staffer and campaign worker Patricia Allen $121,000 and a $50,000-a-year job to stop her from filing a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment. Mahoney allegedly fired Allen after having an extramarital affair with her.


    On Friday, the congressman openly confessed to WPBF News 25, an ABC affiliate, "Let me just be explicit that I am admitting to it...to having affairs." But he also insisted that he had not broken any laws.

    The House Ethics panel announced the same day that it was reviewing allegations of "improper conduct" by the lawmaker, and will interview the congressman and "other parties who may have information about this matter."

    Mahoney, who is seeking re-election, won his House seat in 2006 after former Florida Rep. Mark Foley resigned amid allegations that he had sent sexually explicit e-mail and text messages to male House pages.

Oh, Those Good Olde DemocRAT Family Values! To say nothing of the Democrats circling the wagon around one of their own, as they are so well known to do!

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House Ethics? Yeah right. Nothing will come out of that so I hope Maboner's wife totally pwns his ass in court. Anything less than total pwnage would be a travesty.
Ooooooooh, but Mark Foley send inappropriate emails and IMs to an 18 year old page! Why, he MUST resign and be relentlessly humiliated and falsely accused by The Left wing as a pedophile when he's not.

Fuxking Liberals.
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