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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Shadow Of Death Stops Following Obama, Now Pursued By McCain

This story is laugh out loud funny.

Obama Halloween figure being stalked by "Shadow of Death"
(See, it's not really Obama, it's just a Halloween figure. Get over it, Obama Cultists.)

WSBTV reports that a "Shadow of Death" Halloween yard figure is causing some controversy:

    [the] lawn display [is] with puppets resembling presidential candidates Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain.

    The display shows a bloody skeleton behind Obama as he stands next to McCain.

    “It’s kind of like the shadow of death behind Obama. We’re kind of more of McCain advocates,” said [Melissa] Neese.

The "Shadow of Death" Halloween figure that was stalking another Halloween figure of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior turned into a imbroglio. From Queerty:

    Melissa Neese has changed her tune!

    The Georgia woman gained some fleeting notoriety last week after turning her Halloween display into a blood-curdling display of partisanship, by which we mean having the "Shadow of Death" lurking behind an effigy of Barack Obama.

    Said Neese at the time: "It’s kind of like the shadow of death behind Obama. We’re kind of more of McCain advocates. It’s just to encourage people to vote. That’s about it. I haven’t really finished it [display]. I was going to put pumpkins and a vote sign up there."

    Not everyone enjoyed Neese's morbid, easily misconstrued message, and now she's circulating an email begging for forgiveness and insisting she's changed things about. Rather than being haunted by the shadow of death, Obama's now flanked by a mannequin that appears to be Hillary Clinton, a figure many Republicans equate with the shadow of death.

And then there's this Halloween yard scene, description below:

In New York, Halloween lawn decorations depict
Obama being pursued by a white-sheeted (ghost?) McCain in what some say resembles KKK white-garb. Again, from Queerty:

    Now we find ourselves in Odessa, New York, where a man named Ron Havens erected this set-up: a KKK-hooded McCain running after Barack Obama, an image that's pretty objectionable. McCain may have inadvertently fueled racist sentiment last week, and opposed Martin Luther King Day, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's not a member of the KKK.

    To his credit, Obama-backing Havens admits he knew the display would cause a stir, but insists it's just timely satire[.]


    Shockingly enough, local NAACP president Georgia Verdier described the scene as "innocuous." She elaborated on its "friendliness."

The thing is, it's the Democrats with a former KKK member, Robert Byrd, in their party.

So if Havens wants to be historically correct, his Halloween yard scene should look like the below.


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