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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicago Clown Stalking Children

No, no, no, not this Chicago Clown...another one.

From FOX News:

    Parents on Chicago's South Side are on edge after reports that a man dressed as a clown has tried to lure several children into his van.

    The creepy clown, who has been spotted four times in the past week on the city's West and South sides, wears a wig and full face paint and carries balloons when he approaches children, MyFOXChicago.com reported.

    In each case, he tries to coax kids into his vehicle, described in most cases as a white, four-door van with broken rear windows and in another instance as a brown pickup truck. [And I bet it has an Obama bumper sticker on it, too! - Drake]

    Area schools are on alert and some have sent home letters to parents telling them to warn their children not to talk to strangers.

Considering the above, coupled with the horrific murders in Chicago of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew, and the city on pace for 500 homicides this year, it sure doesn't seem like Chicago's most famous Community Organizer has had much of an impact at reducing crime, has he?

And, of course, Obama is the person responsible for the above atrocities because The Left holds George W. Bush responsible for anything bad that's happened over the past eight years. So those of us who are not Obama Cultists simply apply the same standard to ClownBama.

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Okay, that image is going to give me damn nightmares, thanks Drake.

Fucker. I am not sleeping really well as it is, what with having to sleep with twin cheerleaders and seven pistols in the bed already.
He does make a scary clown, doesn't he?

How in the hell do you get twin cheerleaders to sleep with? Dayyy-uuuuuum! How do I get that?
Yeah Two Dogs we're all feeling sorry for you....
Arc, Maybe once Barry steals the election he'll provide all of us with two cheerleaders ?!?!? ;-)
You know the only upside to two women is that you no longer need to talk to them...
Well,don't you have to talk to the one who...uh...doesn't have something in her mouth? ;-)

(My sorta bad....)
oh dear...

But you see, when your done, they can keep each other company...
Gotch'a Arc!! ;-)
Planet Obama doesn't have cheerleaders in the traditional sense... only cultists and swamp cows.
The hard part is finding twins that are attractive. The rest is simple. Show them something shiny, I use tin foil. Works every time.
Tin foil...oh TD...does Bean know you're doing this ?!? ;-)
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