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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ashley Todd, An Obama Liberal Plant?

Ashley Todd is the person who said she was attacked, beaten and had the letter "B" for Barack carved into her face. She allegedly was a campaign volunteer for John McCain.

There's plenty of chatter on the web that Todd is really a Liberal "plant" for Obama, that she volunteered for the McCain campaign when she really is a supporter of The Affirmative Action Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Considering how filthy and underhanded the Democrats operate, I would not be surprised if this is true.

* We know the Obama Cultists will stop at nothing in order to steal the White House.

* We know the Obama Cultists and ACORN are registering dead people and cartoon characters in nationwide voter registration fraud.

* We know how the Obama Cultists steal the vote of a mentally challenged man.

* We know the Obama Cultists will smear anyone they have to in order to prop up the unqualified and inexperienced Community Organizer.

* We know how the entire MSM is in bed with the Obama Cult, the MSM doing whatever it can to promote an Obama presidency dictatorship.

* We know how the MSM has given a Free Pass on anything and everything to Obama-Biden. Hell, even Bill and Hillary Clinton are amazed at the kid-glove treatment Obama receives from the sycophantic press.

* We know how the Obama Cultists personally attack Joe Lieberman, the entire Todd and Sarah Palin Family, Joe The Plumber and so many others.

* We know how Obama Cultists deface and vandalize private property of the homes of McCain supporters to Military Recruitment offices.

* We know how Obama Cultists deface, vandalize. damage and "key" cars and trucks sporting a McCain bumper sticker. The Obama Cultists did the same to cars and trucks displaying bumper stickers for Hillary Clinton. The Obama Cultists don't only hate McCain supporters and Republicans, they hate their fellow Liberals who don't support Obama!

* We know of the attempted terroristic threats from protesters during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We know how the Obama Cultists operate. Considering all the hatred they've spewed and their illegal activities, for them to infiltrate the McCain campaign with someone who claims to be one of his supporters, but who really is an Obama operative, is not beyond the realm of possibility or reality.


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The Dem Organized Crime Syndicate (DOCS) will stop at nothing to expand their criminal activities. Oh and blogging plants are known to be way smarter than liberal plants.
Well, I for one would not be surprised in the least. From what I've seen, a person can't even have a McCain/Palin sign in their yard without getting their house spray painted.

Although... I did see the sign in one person's yard that dared "them" to do it again. When the liberals come out crying like the wee little babies they are when "we" start fighting back... it will show yet another one of their "truths".

Yeah, the DOCS will stop at nothing, they know no shame, they feel their illegal activities are justified.

I'm gonna have to get me a cannabis plant to do my blogging for me so I can take a break!

Nothing surprises me anymore - either - from the lengths the Cultists will go to in order to harm, hurt someone or destroy their property or create a newsworthy sensation concocted to make Conservatives look bad.

They're terrorists, they are, and I'm not kidding.

Hey, we can create our own conspiracies too, right? The Left doesn't have a monopoly on it.
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