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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ashley Todd Attack A Hoax?

Some rather confusing fallout is being released about Ashley Todd, the John McCain campaign worker, who said she was attacked, beaten and had the letter 'B' - for Barack - carved into her face.

News reports now claim the attack is a hoax.

My question is this: why should anyone believe it is a hoax? After all, Liberals never allow facts to get in their way with what they want to believe. For Liberals, facts have no impact on what they believe and this type of thinking is not exclusively owned by the Liberals.

What's so captivating about this story is that no one doubted for a moment that the Obama Cultists are capable of carrying out such a violent and aggressive attack. No one doubted it for a second because The Left has been demonstrating their hateful attitude and behavior for decades.

The other part of this story is how most of the MSM ignored this story on Thursday because it reflects badly on Obama and his Cultists. But now the MSM is all over the story because - allegedly - it's a hoax? It is said Ms. Todd did not pass a polygraph test. This is proof? Sorry, it's not. Polygraph tests are inadmissible in court, they are not an accepted test of truthfulness or wrongdoing.

As I've done in the past, I'm exercising my right to Liberal belief, I'm adopting the standard mode of operation that Liberals do; I'm going to simply dismiss the reports of this attack being a hoax as easily as The Insane Liberal Clown Posse dismisses facts about September 11. Despite overwhelming proof that the attacks of September 11 were committed by terrorists, far too many on The Left believe to this day that it was Bush and Cheney who masterminded and orchestrated the events of 9/11.

See, Libs, two can play your game, it is not exclusive only to you. Evidence? Facts? Why...what are those? They don't matter. Belief is what matters.

Ms. Todd was attacked by a rabid Obama supporter, she was physically abused and the letter 'B' was carved into her face. I don't give a flying rat's ass what other so-called facts state about the attack being a hoax because I'm dismissing them.

An Obama supporter viciously attacked a McCain campaign volunteer. We know Obama Cultists are violent, angry, unhappy and aggressive individuals who easily could commit such an attack. That's all there is to it. The End.


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I had a post I was going to put up on this one... then I thought to myself... hmmm... this is just too juicy and too convenient.

But like you said... it shoudn't matter if it's a false claim or not because if the liberals can make up stories that Sarah didn't give birth to her youngest son, why not let this be considered truth.
Hi Bug.

Oh, you made a PERFECT POINT in the vile allegations from the Left about Bristol Palin being Trig's "real" mother, despite facts and evidence that proves them wrong, they still maintain and perpetuate this lie.

I agree, if Liberals can believe what they want, despite facts, we can do the same.
Hi there. I'm a moderate. I know a lot of liberals, but I don't know anyone who truly believes that 9/11 was a conspiracy. I know there are a few people with some theories, but that's all. It's a little hard to relate 9/11 to Ashley Todd. We're talking about an incredibly complicated and orchestrated event involving dozens of people (many of whom are currently deceased) vs. one woman finally admitting she made her story up after many holes were found in the story.
Those are very different paradigms. In one there are many ways to invent theories (none of which get real traction) - in the other it's simply a person admitting the truth.
Hi Steve,

Well, all I can say replying to your comment is that I've run across many, many, many Liberals with sites and blogs who are convinced that 9/11 was planned and orchestrated by Bush and Cheney.

Some of my best friends are Liberals. Liberals, not Democrats - I just want to make that distinction. I've asked them if they beleive that 9/11 was a plan and plot of Bush/Cheney and a few of them answer "it's possible."

Anything is possible in politics. And it's possible Ashley Todd is an Obama plant.
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