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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tuesday Night RNC Recap

Not much to write here, if you saw the convention coverage on Tuesday night.

Fred Thompson rocked the house. His speech was fantastic. US News.com covers some of the highlights, but there was no one better than Fred in telling the life story (Democrat's call a life story a "journey" - who the hell has journeys? People have lives, not "journeys", unless your Columbus or Magellan) of John McCain. Fred rocked the house.

Then came Joe Lieberman. You could tell he was having a great time, especially when he needled his former party which threw him under the bus. Amazing, Joe was more than qualified to be the Vice Presidential candidate in the year 2000 election, but now he's an outcast. This simply demonstrates how quick the Libs are in cannibalizing their own. Nice bunch of folks, eh?

WFSB.com has a fine story titled, "Dems reeling from Lieberman's Speech!" Woooooo Hooooooo! You go Joe!

I was on the telephone while President George W. Bush delivered his speech via video conference, so I didn't manage to see it.

All in all, it was a pleasure to see real people, sincere politicians who have the best interests of the American people in their heart and true, honest patriotism on display; compared to the fake, Blame America First crowd of last week's anointing of The Affirmative Action Muslim Candidate.

Boo-yah, baby, Boo-yah!


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