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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rapist Killed In Home Invasion

This is a story with a happy ending. A wonderful and fabulous happy ending.


    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - An intruder is dead after breaking into a northwest side home early Sunday morning.

    His intended victim was a 17-year-old girl. Investigators say the girl's dad fought off 52-year-old David Meyers who turned out to be a registered sex offender. When police found Meyers he was in a choke hold inside a home on West 79th Street.

    "He did not accomplish what his objective was," said Sgt. Matt Mount of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

    Paramedics pronounced Meyers dead inside the house early Sunday morning.

    "He had served a 10 year of a 20 year sentence for criminal confinement and sexual deviate conduct," said Sgt. Mount.

    Before Meyers died he allegedly broke into the home. What police say he had on him is puzzling. According to police, the intruder had gained access into the house through a window next to the intended victim's bedroom. Police also say he wasn't wearing clothing except for a mask and latex gloves.

    "He had in his possession a knife, some rope, some condoms," said Sgt. Mount.

    Investigators say Meyers even made it to his intended victim's bedroom.

    "She awoke, saw this naked man in the bedroom with the mask on. She started screaming," said Sgt. Mount.

    Police say the 17-year-old girl's father heard her screams and ran to her help.

    "His wife called 911 and that's when the police arrived and found him on the floor with his arm around the neck of Mr. Meyers struggling, holding him down," said Sgt. Mount.

    Investigators say when the homeowner removed Meyers' mask, he recognized him.

    "He was the nephew of the homeowner they were renting the home from. So he was familiar with the floor plan of the house," said Sgt. Mount.

    Police started to put handcuffs on Meyers, but they realized he was not breathing.

    "Don't know whether it was a heart attack or asphyxiation from the choke hold that was put on him," explained Sgt. Mount. "What could have been a very tragic situation for a 17-year-old girl has turned into the death of the assailant."

    Police are calling Meyers' death a homicide, but say most likely no charges will be filed.

    Meyers was wanted in Boone County for failure to register as a sex offender. Investigators say he was not registered in Marion County. The prosecutor will review the case Monday.

Most of the reactions from comments on this story are rightly glowing. Here is just a sampling:

    ...this is what is called "Instant Karma"! Good job Dad! You protected your daughter, just like all good parents should protect their children from predators! Can we buy a steak from Ruth's Chris?


    Nelson says, HA HA.


    This man deserves to be honored at the sate capitol with a state event hosted in his honor- this is truly great news.

    A filthy attacker killed in the act, never to victimize again, the daughter safe, and.... NO COST to taxpayers- this man should be nominated for president instead of OBAMA/MCCAIN nightmare we are living through. This guy is my HERO!


    Dead criminals seldom become repeat offenders.

A big round of applause and steak dinner to the dad. He did what the justice and legal system failed to do.

When I was 13 a man tried to crawl into my bedroom window but was greeted by my mother standing next to him (while still outside) with her small .22 against the side of his head. She said the only reason she didn't pull the trigger was because his brains would be smeared across my bedroom wall.

The incredible part to this story was that she was at work over 30 minutes away from the house when she had an odd feeling that there was something wrong. She drove home and had another feeling to drive down the alley and then turn her lights off. She pulled along side the house where she never parked, and got her gun out of the glove box. At that point, instead of going inside, she walked to the back of the house where there was only about 4 feet between the house and a fence. That's when she saw the man crawling inside my window.

I never woke...

She felt these feelings long before this man arrived at our house… I believe in intuition... definitely.

Good for this dad... that's what parents are for... to protect their children if at all possible; even if it means choking the life out of someone or blowing their brains across a bedroom wall. :o)

Wow, that is incredible. I agree, mom's (moreso than dads) are connected to that intuition thing. They just have that extra sensory perception. Good for you Mom. Whatever happened to the guy, do you know? Was he arrested? Prosecuted?
He was an illegal alien who was sent back to Mexico and, within 2 weeks, was back in town. Basically, nothing happened to him at all.

... [dramatic pause] ...

Not long after that, we moved.

So when people talk about not wanting to "secure the borders" or wanting to "take in" all illegal aliens from Mexico... I'm pretty much against that type of thinking. I believe many of the men from there think they can get their hands on American girls and no one will do anything about it (sadly, in some cases, they are right).

I do realize not everyone is like that but this guy was one of several that would follow me around town... thank god my mom got us out of there.

Oh... and this wasn't anywhere near the Mexican border... this was in the middle of Washington State. So not only did this guy get back over the border in 2 weeks, he got all the way back to Washington.

I know it may sound like I'm bitter over this but honestly I've moved on... but it took a while to get passed my own anger and fear. It's just that when I feel compelled to tell the story... I do so... and if someone asks more questions... I give all the details.

Some would have called my feelings back then prejudice and perhaps it was... but at the time, I was given a reason to doubt. Today... I understand that it wasn't the fact they were Mexican, it was what was inside that mattered; these guys were the scum of their country and they were predators that gave their own countrymen a bad name in my eyes for many years.

... I strongly feel they should have done something other than shipping him back to Mexico. That's like pushing the ocean out to sea and expecting it to stay out there.
Thanks for the info Bug, it has to be a harrowing and frightful experience to think about, good thing you remained asleep.

I don't think it's prejudice at all. It really doesn't matter where the guy was from, he was about to commit a crime. That he was an illegal is - as you say, and I agree - all the more reason to tighten down on border issues and restrict illegal immigration as best we can.

You're Mom did just what Mom's should do. She sounds like a great lady.
I tink that should be a bumpersticker: Dead criminals seldom become repeat offenders.
That would make an excellent bumper sticker! I like that idea!
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