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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Race Will Have Nothing To Do
With Obama's Loss

Here's an interesting item I ran across from the Tomah Journal:

    In regards to the Presidential election of 2008, Wisconsin is a battleground state. Over the past few weeks, the various polls have shown that Barack Obama holds a consistent lead. Yet, those same polls have shown that John McCain has managed to narrow that lead significantly, typically within the margin of error.

    There are several reasons that would explain McCain’s rise in the polls, such as his pick of Sarah Palin as a running mate, Obama’s extreme, left wing ideology, and the nation’s slow recognition of the fact that McCain is the only candidate that has actually demonstrated the ability to cross party lines to achieve what is best for the American people. (Incidentally, Obama boasts a post-partisan ideology, but his lack of compliance with that ideology is demonstrated in the way he blames Republicans for all the world’s problems, while neglecting to highlight his own party’s laxity.) However, the least accurate and the most dangerous explanation of Obama’s failure to pull ahead and easily prance to victory on Nov. 4 is the charge of racism.

    During the Democratic primaries, I began to see numerous articles and pundits that were subtly charging that Obama was struggling because of his race. More recently, as McCain has pulled ahead or narrowed Obama’s lead in many polls, many of you may have begun to notice the proliferation and magnification of that dangerous reasoning.

    Those who oppose John McCain are getting desperate. They just can’t see how the American people could not support Obama. They fail to recognize that his values just don’t jive with the values of America, and they fail to see that he is entirely wrong for America! So, they resort to playing the race card.

    The angry Left is attempting to lay the groundwork of a grand excuse for their candidate’s loss. Leftists are so completely out of touch that they just can’t see the reality of the situation, and their ego defense is to blame the American people. They will try to play on the supposed “white guilt” in America, and they will try to tell us that racism is rampant throughout the nation. Worst of all, the suggestion that Obama will lose because America is racist will only serve to divide Americans. When the reality is that Obama’s race has nothing to do with it, and his lack of integrity, left-wing and tax and spend ideology is the real culprit. (So much for the first black candidate of a major party, who speaks of uniting the country?) America is ready for a black President! We will never be ready for a Barack Obama Presidency. Don’t buy the hype! Barack Obama will lost [sic] this election for any number of reasons, and race will have nothing to do with it.

Oh yeah, The Insane Liberal Clown Posse is without a doubt laying the groundwork to blame racism for Obama's loss. They would never admith the truth; that Obama is a Marxist and the American people do not - in any way - want a Marxist in the White House.

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