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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Liberals Believe John Boehner? Why?

This just slays me. Out of the deepest recesses of primordial ooze and slime crawls The Insane Liberal Clown Posse whining over House Minority Leader Republican John Boehner's reason for rallying House Republicans in voting against Monday's $700 Billion Bailout.

Mr. Boehner said, in part, that Republicans voted against the bill because of Nanny Pelosi's bias, partisan and vindictive speech. BBC:

    Republicans criticised a scathing speech by Mrs Pelosi about the Bush administration's economic policies for injecting partisanship into the issue.

    Republican house leader John Boehner said the speaker's words "poisoned our conference", and put off a dozen potential bill-backers within his party.

The ILCP gloms onto Mr. Boehner's words, believing him, when they've spent the last eight-plus years NEVER believing anything that he's said.

When has any ILCP'er believed a word spoken by Mr. Boehner in the past? When? Oh, that's right, on Monday. How convenient.

Gee, could this be a case of selective and manufactured feigned outrage and criticism from the ILCP directed at Boehner, considering the ILCP has never believed, or put any credence into, anything else he's ever said? Oh, no, the ILCP would never do this.

Pelosi is poisonous. All that botox in her body has corroded and turned her toxic. It's about time somebody tell the truth about her.


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