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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hallmark: When You Care Enough To
Send The Very Best Virus

I find this amusing...someone keeps e-mailing me a Hallmark e-card. I'm not criticizing the Hallmark people, not by any means. But you had to have been living in a cave on a distant planet not to know that opening an e-mail card - from Hallmark or anyone else - may contain a computer virus that will thoroughly corrupt your hard drive. It's not the Hallmark people who are doing this, rather it's the hackers and malcontents.

The good folks at Hallmark have a page at their web site warning people about this issue.

I wouldn't open an attachment - e-card or otherwise - from anybody, even if I know the person. If my Mom sent me an e-card, it would go unopened.

I mark the e-card as Spam and every day I receive another e-card in my Spam folder. I am unfamiliar with the name of the sender, which ranges from "Joe" to Ooombugoota Kaphgrshiverni to a wide-ranging array of names that appear to come right out of the types of names associated with Nigerian e-mail scams. Yeah...uh-huh...like I'm going to open an e-mail, let alone the attachment, from someone like that. Not a chance.

I check the Spam folder in my e-mail just to make sure that something important from someone I know didn't, in error, end up in there. Then I empty the entire Spam folder without opening the e-mail. There's a lot of things that I don't know, but I'm not stupid and I'm not opening any attachment sent to me. Nor do I click on links within the text of e-mails.

On another note, if you've e-mailed me at DavidDrake3000, I have no idea what I did with my password to that account. It's pretty easy to contact me via e-mail if you know where to look on my blog to find my e-address. And anyone who REALLY needs to contact me can submit a comment. If it's a private matter, simply add in your comment that you would prefer I not publish your comment.

The Hallmark e-card sender is - I'm guessing here - some Liberal dimwit who doesn't like or agree with what I write on my blog. Perhaps it's an Obama Cultist who, rather than engaging in the comment section with intellectual debate on the issues, think they're going to rope me into opening an e-card. Well, this person or persons are even dumber than I think they are.

This is the best these losers can do. Instead of starting their own blog, they try to quash the Free Speech of those whose message they disagree. What a bunch of
under-a-rock dwelling suckholers these people are.


Those libs are some bitter pricks aren't they?
Bitter, hate-filled, mean-spirited, dumb, illogical, vindictive, asshats, fuckTards, LiberTards, those who rely on Little Tyke fill-in-the-blank-products, rude...oh, I need a thesaurus to continue, but I think I made the point. Oh yeah, you got it Spot On.
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