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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Campaign Trail Round Up, Yeeeee-Haaaaaw

Hillary Clinton hits the trail for Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Oh, this must really be painful for her.

Sarah Palin trounces Joe Biden in a poll by 53 to 44. Say it ain't so, Joe!

Biden says Palin a step backwards for women. Is he nuts? She's everything in the married, with-children, with professional career and a-home 'can-do' Everywoman the Left has been saying is the ideal woman. Oh, except Sarah is a Republican.

It sounds like it was Tom Brokaw who exercised a little juice that resulted in the demotions of both Chris Matthews and Keith Olberweiner. Well, good for Brokaw in throwing his weight around and for recognizing these two cretins for their biased, subjective opinion-spouting and that their manufacturing hostility and presenting it as news doesn't cut it when you crossover into news and objective (what is supposed to be objective journalism, anyways) journalism - not opinion/editorial disguised as news reporting.

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Tom "Lockjaw" is just covering his ass as he is less open about his carrying water for the DNC. He knows just how far to push it; and he is not innocent in the least in his obvious (to me) bias.
Yeah, I'm not saying he's innocent. But I think he realizes the negative influence that Chrissy and Olberwiener have on The One.
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