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Friday, September 05, 2008

Bob Schieffer's Pinocchio Nose

Did you see the profile shot from the camera at Wednesday night's Republican Convention of Bob Schieffer, the host of CBS Sunday's "Face The Nation"?

He's Pinocchio! He is! I guess being a water-boy, liar and enabler for The Marxists all these years has taken its toll.

And no...I did not in any way Photoshop this image. It's a "still" from video footage that I taped of the speeches by Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin. The cameras cut away from - I forget if it was during Rudy or Sarah's speech - and showed a profile of Bob and I thought, hot damn, that guy has a nose that Bill Clinton wishes he had to Hoover up some blow!


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You know DD I did see that live. At first I thought I was seeing something that wasn't. I was like WTF until I realized Bob Schieffer has a dick for a nose. Look closely at the screen cap and there is no doubt. Dick nose. Ha. Ha. Ha. LOL.
Yeah, wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed, Molson.

I thought the same thing - wtf and who the F is that with a tailor made nose for inhaling "blow." Then I realized it was Bob Schieffer.

Hey, "it's a dick and a nose."
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Hi Alex.

Boy, you found a really great "still" of Bob Schieffer. Do you mind if I use it?
I saw that too... it was during Palin's speech. I waited in eager anticipation last night to see that honker again during the last debate - but alas... no pinocchio nose. I wonder what gives???

You know, I haven't gotten around to it, but I will --- I have to do an addendum to this post. I may be wrong about his nose.

I think that what I thought was a nose tip protrusion is a mouth piece for a headphone set. And with the blur of the image above it looks like a Nixonian ski nose with a protruding tip. But in all fairness, and I do consider myself ver fair, the more I look at the image the more I am convinced it is the tip of the microphone piece of a headseat.

What do you think?
Gene H -

My apologies, I clicked on delete your most recent comment instead of "publish" it.

You are correct, it's the microphone bulb from a headset. I've seen another photo too, from CNN I think, that clears this up. I will publish an update clarifying this.

Thank you for visiting and commenting!
No Sweat Dave... Here's the screen capture I made:

Thanks Gene. Yes, that's the photo I saw. Looks like it was MSNBC, not CNN. Thank you.
Just seen you reply - feel free to use the still!
Alex, thanks. I think they one you have the one Gene H. (commenter above) had were either the same or pretty close. Got it done. Thanks for your input on this.
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