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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama Has No Sense Of Humor

Awwwwwwwwwwww, poor baby - Barack Hussein Obama, Junior has no sense of humor.

His campaign team called the below campaign ad from the McCain Camp "sad...juvenile antics."

Watch the ad closely. The only thing the McCain Camp is doing is taking Obama's own words and turning them back onto and against him. Obama has been telling us for months that he is The Messiah. His supporters tell us this too; they tell us that Obama is The One. So the McCain Team uses Obama's own words to parody him and what does he do? He whines and cries. Big surprise...not.

Poor, poor Baby Barry. He just can't take criticism. How will he ever survive if he wins steals the White House?!

I guess his sense of entitlement, arrogance and hubris leaves him without a sense of humor.

If Team McCain keeps campaigning like this...they might...they just might get me to reconsider sitting this election out and supporting the Arizona Senator for the White House.

Above ad available here.

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Nice! I'm posting that one on my side column along with the "sex ed for kindergartners". What an egotist.

And he truly is a cry baby, isn't he. You know what... if you can't take the punches, then get out of the ring!!

I heard Obama had an add of his own in answer to this one... haven't seen it yet.
Ok... So, I watched the ad and, before reading further, I turned to my soon to be wife and said,"wow I could almost vote for McCain just for that ad!!!" Libs never have a sense of humor when it’s dished back at them.

Did you catch Glen Beck today? He was playing a parody based off of Queen's title track for the 80's nightmare Flash Gordon.

Freddy Mercury Singing, ”Flash! Ahhhh; He saved every one of us..."

In Glen's parody it was, "Barack! Obammmaaa; Savior of the universe..."

Baby Barry...what more can I say? He is a baby.

I hadn't heard about a counter-ad. Let me know when or if you do.

Agree with you, Libs have zero sense of humor.

I heard the Beck take-off on the Flash Gordon themesong one day last week. Funny as hell, isn't it? I wish I would have thought of doing that.


Thanks as always for visiting and commenting Bug and Arc!
I think a phot shop may be needed Dave...
Arc - sorry for the delay in publishing your comment and responding. I took a break for 3 weeks; actually, I'm still on break even though I published a couple updates.

In the past two weeks Obama has certainly proven that McCain is getting under his skin. Obama is the typical whining crying Liberal.

Wow, we are all surprised and shocked, right? Ummmmm...not at all.

Great to hear from you, as always.
Stay in touch, be well.
If you don't make over 250k a year and you vote Republican you are a complete imbecile.
Julie: another brave Liberal blogger who believes so much in what she says that her "Blogger Profile is not Available."

I see you are one of those open-minded, tolerant, ready for honest intellectual debate on the issues.

Oh wait, you're none of those things. You're just a dumb cunt douche bag.

And Obama has no sense of humor. Most Nazis don't have one.

Got it "sweetie"?
"If you don't make over 250k a year and you vote Republican you are a complete imbecile."
What in the world? The last thing I want to do as someone who makes less than 250k is to vote for a democrat who has promised to raise my taxes and take more of my money that I don't have. Hello? Anyone home?

Julie is a fraud. Probably one of those Obama Cultist who has zero knowledge of what he really stands for. She's only supporting him because she hates Bush and wants "Hopenchange." In other words, she's a brainless, clueless, dumb c*nt.

Sorry for the profanity.
OK so here's how this whole tax thing works... You cannot raise taxes on the rich when you do the rich pass the increased cost of doing business on to their customers. Those customers are the rest of us. So if you raise a rich mans taxes you are costing me more money.
You are correct Arc. The rich don't have to create jobs and they can afford to move their holdings offshore tax havens. Julie doesn't "get this."

Sorry for the word cunt, not that you said you were offended by it, you didn't. I call em as I see em.

Besides, I don't know why so many women get upset over that term. Any time a girl called me a "Big Prick" my response was always, "Thank you!" ;-)
OK two things here Dave...
1 Big prick is a good thing, big cunt is either fat or loose (easy) or both...

2 I have begun to post on Bug's blog... I put more up with regards to the tax issue

Fair point on issue # 1. Perhaps that's why women dislike the term.

#2: I know, I was there for quite some time yesterday reading! Good job!

I have much to post today but will try to stop by and visit. If not today, it will be tomorrow.
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