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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joe Biden Cries

Joe Biden breaks down in tears and cries.

What's the matter Joe, do you have sand in your vagina?

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Damn. Will this plagiarist ever give up? Only HillBill is allowed to tear up in public. The Clintlers won't be pleased with this. They won't be pleased at all.
Yeah, crying for MALE politicians has never been good. It all but killed...what the hell was his name...Sargent Shriver back in the 1970s? Or was it Ed Muskie? I was a little kid back then. I'm gonna have to google it and find out.

Hillary could have won the presidential election. The Dems know this now; now they have a candidate in FraudBama (as you so astutely coined him) and he's in trouble. Big trouble.

Rasmussen has him down 2 points in their daily tracking poll just from Monday! No bounce from the convention for the Fraud! I'm lovin' it!
OK. According to Wiki:


it was Ed Muskie who broke down and cried in public, effectively shutting down his shot at being the Dem candiddate.

Why I thought it was Shriver I don't know.
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