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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dems Never Always Mention Differences

Democrats are diverse, we know this because they're always reminding us of how colorblind they are. While Democrats - especially the Insane Liberal Clown Posse Wing of the party - remain the most virulent racists on earth, they claim they're not and tell us so. They are the one who have to identify people by skin color, gender, ethnicity and the like. They have this compulsion to prove their diversity by constantly mentioning things like, "my black friend," or "my Hispanic friend."

A perfect example of this is Liberal Radio Talker Skanky Miller. On her Thursday program, at around 35 minutes into the second hour, she told listeners that she watched Joe Biden's convention speech in a bar with, "a black guy from Virginia, a Hispanic woman and a white friend." See, should couldn't just say she watched the speech in a bar with others. She had to identify their color and ethnicity.

Democrats do this all the time. They think pointing out the skin color and ethnicity of who they surround themselves proves how colorblind they are. But what it really demonstrates is that they see only color, gender, ethnicity and differences. What it really demonstrates is how Democrats feel the need to label anyone who isn't white.

Skanky Miller

We are supposed to marvel that a skanky white woman knows people who are black, Hispanic and this or that. We are supposed to marvel that an anorexic 50-something failed actress with a low-rated Liberal Radio program is tolerant, diverse and - in order to show just how diverse she is - she feels the need to mention the skin color, ethnicity or heritage of whom she associates. And every other Democrat behaves in the same manner as Skanky Miller.

Democrats can't help but always mention that Obama is black. Really? Obama is black? No way. Black you say? Huh, I hadn't noticed that. I'm so glad that this was pointed out otherwise I wouldn't have noticed. Black you say, he's black? Well, I certainly knew he was different. I didn't know he is black.

This is the problem with Democrats. For all their supposed colorblindness, tolerance and diversity, they can only view other people through their narrow prism of color, gender and ethnicity.

Why should it matter that Obama is black? If his political agenda is one that I agree with, then I'll vote for him. If I agree with his vision as a candidate, then I'll vote for him. It wouldn't matter if he's black, white, green, purple, male, female, Hispanic, Eskimo, Jew, Gentile or Other. But the Dems can't behave in this manner. They can only view - and then articulate - the differences in anyone who isn't white.

Dems tell us that we are all the same - and they're right, we are. But you'd never know this by their words and actions. They can't help themselves from pointing out, labeling and bringing attention to differences in skin color, gender and ethnicity.

The Democrats continued insistence in calling attention to color, gender and ethnicity is analogous to someone saying, "I don't beat my wife," or "I don't kick my dog." Why so defensive? You don't hear this claptrap and labeling of other people's skin color or ethnic heritage from Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians. You don't hear them saying things such as, "my black friend," "my gay friend, "my Hispanic friend."

Lawn Jockeys For Obama!

The Dems can't help but call attention to differences. They think doing this is proof of their diversity, of their colorblindness, but it's not. All it does is show how the Dems are stuck in a era of inequality and differences, and how they must point out and call attention to these differences. People who are genuinely tolerant and colorblind don't mention these things, they view all people as equal. It's no different than telling your boss that you're a hard worker. Your boss knows if you're a hard worker or not - and chances are if you're saying that you're a hard worker, you're really not a hard worker at all.

Sadly, racism - to some degree or another - will always exist in every geographical place on the earth. While Democrats say they are colorblind, their actions and words betray them every time. They can't help themselves in identifying the differences of others whether it's skin color, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, age or any other visual item that isn't the Lily White Democrat Standard.

As I previously wrote, the Democrat Party is the Lily White Party. All we've seen from the Democrat Convention is one old White Man or Woman after another. Where's the diversity? It's not there, it doesn't exist; no matter how much the Dems feign otherwise.


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