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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dem Convention: The Lily White Old Men Party

More old White Men at the Lily White Democrat Convention on Wednesday night.

Bill Clinton spoke Wednesday night. He's an old white guy.

John Kerry spoke Wednesday night. He's an old white guy.

Joe Biden spoke Wednesday night. He's an old white guy.

Thursday night includes speaker Albert Gore, Junior, another old white guy.

And then - finally, some black guy - full of hubris, arrogance and lacking all gravitas - running for president gets to hold the microphone. I think his name is Jeebus. Nanny Pelosi says he is a gift to us from God.

Yep, those Dems are quite the diverse party, aren't they?



I always wondered what happend to Dick Weed!
Ya know, it got really hard creatively to keep publishing DW. Coming up with ideas for the three panels wasn't easy. So that's why he's been away for about a year or so. This one just kind of hit me and wrote itself. I dunno if DW will be a regular feature again or if just once in a while.
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