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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

UN Performance In Sudan Pathetic

Another smashing success story performed by the United Nations in Sudan. Why, it's like Kofi Annan never left his position of Secretary General.

Former UN Sec-Gen: The Always Defiant (and corrupt) Kofi Annan.

From AFP:

    The UN was pulling non-essential staff from Darfur as protesters rallied behind Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir on Tuesday over allegations he masterminded a campaign of genocide in the region.

    Fears of a violent backlash have mounted since the International Criminal Court chief prosecutor on Monday sought an arrest warrant against Beshir on 10 counts including war crimes and the use of rape to commit genocide in Darfur.


    "It's not an evacuation. We're temporarily relocating staff, some non-essential staff," said Josephine Guerrero, spokeswoman for the UN-led peacekeeping mission.

    Another 60 to 65 relatives of agency employees have been leaving Khartoum.

    The United Nations has stressed that "relocated" personnel may return to Darfur in less than a week and that it is business as usual elsewhere in Sudan.

    "We are committed to our obligations to support peace in Sudan and carry out our mandates and tasks. We also point out that the safety and security of the UN, international and NGO staff is paramount," said UN spokesman Brian Kelly.

Oh, absolutely...peace in Sudan is a firm UN commitment!

Current UN Sec-Gen: Ban Ki Moon Ben Wa Balls

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Ben Wa Balls fears for UN peacekeepers in Sudan. Financial Times:

    “The United Nations peacekeeping operations in Sudan will continue to conduct their important work in an impartial manner, co-operating in good faith with all partners so as to further the goal of peace and stability in the country,” Mr Ban said in a statement .

    Mr Ban’s message of business-as-usual could not, however, disguise the disquiet at the UN over the future of its operations in Sudan.

    The dilemma the UN faces is that the Security Council, having mandated the [International Criminal Court] to track down those responsible for war crimes in Darfur, has also mandated the UN secretariat to foster peace agreements in Sudan to which the Bashir government is a party.


    Only 9,000 of the 26,000- strong force mandated by the Security Council have so far been deployed.

    The UN has an additional 10,000 troops in the Unmis force, set up in 2005 to monitor the peace agreement between north and south Sudan.

    In his telephone call with Mr Bashir, Mr Ban condemned comments by Abdalmahmoud Mohamad, Sudan’s UN envoy, that were seen as a veiled threat to the UN missions..

Oh, Ban Ben, fuckin' eh! Absolutely, dude! Issue yet another resolution condemning something or other connected to Darfur, Sudan and corruption. Christ, nothing puts fear into any despot more than a UN condemnation. Holy shit, scary stuff! Everyone straightens up their act after being officially condemned by the UN. Jesus Christ, do you know who you're dealing with, buster? The Fuckin' UN! Holy Shit! Mess with or defy the UN, you are you crazy?

Better yet Ban Ben, why just not unroll one of those gigantic, industrial-sized rolls of toilet paper and write down all your condemning resolutions on it, because when you're done writing you can at least use the paper for something.

And if Ben has some spare time, maybe he can investigate the UN Blue Helmets who are raping and abusing the children they are supposed to be protecting

Tits on a bull makes more sense - (it would be intelligent design) - than anything ever done by the UN.


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