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Friday, July 25, 2008

Saudi Gazette Rips Obama To Shreds

Sabria S. Jawhar, writing in the Saudi Gazette picks apart the fakery of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Here are some excerpts:

    What Obama is not doing is visiting an Arab country that would demonstrate that Muslim opinion matters to him. Not just the Muslims who lost family members to American firepower, but to Muslims who are eager for normal relations with the United States.

    Any of the GCC countries would do. And if Obama wanted to send a message that we are all in the fight against terrorism together, what better way than including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or even fun-loving Dubai on his itinerary.

    But what is more worrying than Obama’s snub of Muslims is his fence-straddling over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    ...this is your run-of-the-mill political gamesmanship. He has all but secured the Democratic nomination for president, so he must now move away from his left-leaning rhetoric to the center to capture voters who are undecided.

    All understandable, but now he seems to embrace President Bush’s “surge” in Iraq since it is perceived in the West as a success and points toward an American victory. [Yeah, and isn't it funny that Obama's embrace of the surge does not send his Cult Followers into raging fits of histrionics? I wonder why that is? - Drake]. So what does Obama want to do? He wants to move 10,000 American troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to chase down and snuff out the Taleban.

    This is rather meaningless and simply illustrates that Obama is pandering to the American voter.


    It appears that Obama is not aware of the “cockroach factor.” You spray one portion of the house with insecticide to get rid of the roaches only to have them scurry to another part of the house. Once that poison disappears, the cockroaches race back. It’s easy to overstate the success of the surge.

    Al-Qaeda is moving to Afghanistan to continue their fight, but once Iraq is left vulnerable with a weak army, guess what? They will scurry back and the US will be in the same position it was a year ago.

    If Obama is showing off his foreign policy acumen, he is doing a poor job of it.

    But let’s be realistic here. Obama’s tour of the Middle East and Europe is not to demonstrate his expertise in foreign affairs.

No, Obama's European Vacation is nothing more than one, big public relations production. It's one BIG photo-op.

What's next, Barry with Michelle The Dangerous Washerwoman
dancing to non-existent music in some supposedly private, off-limits lagoon feigning unawareness while their image is captured by a photographer as were Bubba and Hillary?

Obama has no expertise in foreign affairs. Remember, his claim to fame is being a Community Organizer in Chicago who dealt with such vital issues as: "Can I get you another glass of punch, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Chicago Voter? Would you like more potato chips? That pot-hole is now fixed." And, "Isn't that a nice shrubbery?"

Read the entire Saudi Gazette piece. It's fantastic.

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