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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Hit News

Al-Qaida chemical and bio-weapons expert killed. Times Online:

    An al-Qaeda chemical and biological weapons expert may have been among six people killed in a suspected US missile strike on a Pakistani madrassa near the Afghan border today, according to security officials.

    Abu Khabab al-Masri, also known as Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar, was an Egyptian chemist regarded as one of al-Qaeda’s top bomb makers and had a $5 million bounty on his head.

    Pakistani security officials said he was the target of a pre-dawn attack that destroyed a house close to a madrassa used by militants about 12 miles west of Wana, the main town in the tribal region of South Waziristan.

- - - - -
Breakthrough in Muscular dystrophy treatment in Italy. Life In Italy:

    Italian scientists have developed a new cellular treatment that provides hope for people suffering from advanced forms of muscular dystrophy.

    The team, led by Giulio Cossu of Milan University, has produced what it calls a kind of 'battering ram' cellular technique.

    Tested successfully on mice, it works by demolishing obstacles that prevent existing treatments from functioning properly on patients with an advanced stage of the disease.

- - - - -
The Czech Republic...too dependent on Russian oil? The Prague Post:

    The supply was drastically cut July 11, just three days after the signing of the bilateral Czech-U.S. treaty to build a radar base southwest of Prague — an agreement Russia strongly opposes.


    While many suspected the reduction to be politically motivated, Russia initially blamed the deficit on a technical fault.


    Whatever the reason for the supply reduction, the current situation made it clear that depending too much on Russia for oil could prove too much of a risk in the future. Is the country prepared for the possibility of long-term shortages of Russian oil?

- - - - -
The Golden Arches being sued. Aftenposten:

    All 56 franchise holders of McDonald's restaurants in Norway are suing the national organization McDonald's Norge. They're unhappy about high maintenance and insurance costs they're being forced to pay.


    The conflict centers around the money that franchise owners must pay to McDonald's Norge for exterior maintenance and insurance.


    "It's not the McDonald's system there's anything wrong with, it's how the management in Norway operates," [said a Norwegian franchise operator].

- - - - -
Search Engine Wars: Cuil brags that it has already indexed 120 billion Web pages, roughly three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. Ars Technica:

    ...it's being ballyhooed as an actual challenger to Google. Cuil.com (pronounced "cool") made its public launch today and already calls itself the "biggest search engine on the web." Run by a team of former Google employees[.]


    "Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics" like Google does, Cuil's info page says that the site contextually analyzes each page and organizes search results based on content and relevance.

- - - - -
"X-Files" movie sequel "flops at the box office." Metro:

    Mulder and Scully don't seem to be as popular as they were in the 90's if their box office earnings are anything to go by, the X-Files movie only made an upsetting $4 million on its opening night in the US.

Box Office Mojo reports weekend gross slightly over $10 million.

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