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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Is Bill Clinton's Third Term

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior - as the president - will be nothing more than a third term of Bill Clinton. This is all an Obama presidency offers and if he is elected chances are his term(s) will be far more damaging and harmful to our country, our allies and the entire world.

The Left loves to make the claim that a John McCain presidency will simply be a third term of George W. Bush. But people armed with facts rather than hyperbolic false accusations know that McCain holds views, policies and beliefs far different than those of President Bush.

We've seen Obama before. The last time we saw his candidacy he was white and the former governor of Arkansas. Obama has already had two terms in the White House as Bill Clinton.

We've seen, experienced and somehow managed to live through an Obama presidency in the incarnations of Bill Clinton.

The Left - most of them - loved Bill Clinton from 1992 through January 2001. They loved Clinton after he left the White House. It was only when The Left perceived Bill and Hillary as a threat to Obama that The Left unleashed their rage and hatred onto the Clintons. That The Left turned on one of their own is no surprise, they do this all the time. They cannibalize their own as soon as that person or persons is thought to be rendered useless or departs even slightly from the established course of Marxism.

Obama...Nothing more than Bill Clinton's third term.

Obama tells whatever audience he is speaking to what they want to hear. As a candidate and president, Bill Clinton did the same. He still does.

Obama is inconsistent on his issues, feeling the need to change (flip-flop) and revise his statements and policies of one day, one week, one month or one year ago to something that currently sounds more palatable. Bill Clinton did the same.

Obama speaks in vague and unspecific generalities. Bill Clinton campaigned the same way.

Obama's past and current controversies and actions cannot be examined or questioned by anyone. The Left applied the same "hands-off" standard to Bill Clinton.

Obama claims his campaign is one that is "taking the high" road when it comes to how he handles himself versus McCain. Obama leaves attacking McCain to surrogates. Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992 and 1996 in exactly the same manner using surrogates to attack George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole.

Obama makes promises that no politician can possibly keep. Bill Clinton did the same.

Obama can deliver a good speech when he stays on script or has a teleprompter. Bill Clinton spoke well, in the same manner as a slick used car salesman. (Obama, without a script or teleprompter is a stuttering, bumbling, hmmmmmm'ing and haaaaa'ing, uh-uh-uh'ing fool).

Obama's firends and associates are criminals, lawbreakers, racists, sexists, homophobes, lobbyists and unsavory individuals. Bill Clinton has the same group of friends and associates.

Obama is an articulate con man, one who makes people think he knows what he's talking about. Bill Clinton wrote the book on how to do this.

Obama is full of hubris and arrogance. So was, and still is, Bill Clinton. (Obama's degree of hubris and arrogance makes the hubris and arrogance of John Kerry seem amateurish and substandard).

Obama has the press and the MSM on his side. So did Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.

Obama has the Hollywood and glitterati crowd swooning and soiling themselves with glee. Bill Clinton had the same effect on the same crowd.

Obama is sympathetic to terrorists, weak on terrorism and is a cheerleader for the Blame America First crowd. So is Bill Clinton.

Obama disdains the United States Military. So does Bill Clinton.

Obama stands for nothing. So does Bill Clinton.

Obama is beholden to special interest groups. So was - and still is - Bill Clinton.

Obama will be the first black president. Bill Clinton was the first black president. (Actually, historians have more than factually concluded that Warren G. Harding, a Republican, was our first black president).

We've seen Obama before in the likeness of Bill Clinton.

I don't know how any person with the slightest degree of objectivity and impartiality cannot discern that Obama is nothing but a third term of Bill Clinton.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results each time. This election year The Left is insane over Obama, no different than their insanity over candidate Bill Clinton.

This is why I have, for years, termed the Far Left Liberals and Progressives The Insane Liberal Clown Posse. They are Insane. They are Liberal. They are Clowns. They are a Posse.


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Thank GOD there will be a third Clinton term. Bush got in there and fucked EVERYTHING up. You're an ignorant racist asshole.
Hi cASS! Another "Blogger Profile Not Available."

Clinton was, and still is, a piece of shit pacifist who was only interested in appeasing our enemies. That's why 9/11 happened. Christ, get some facts together before you try to make an argument here, otherwise you wind up looking like the sad, biased, prejudiced cunt that you are.
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