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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesse Jackson Says He'd
Cut Obama's Nuts Off

Oh, the lovely, tolerant, issue-oriented, non-violent, harmonious in-fighting within the Democrats. It's such a love-fest, such an orgiastic movement of kindness and peace.

(Sigh...) if only everyone could be as articulate in expressing their slight disagreements with each other as the Democrats demonstrate to the rest of us. We could learn a lot from how they comment on each other. Take for instance Jesse Jackson's comment about Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

A curious comment indeed. A thoughtful, profound and intelligent comment as opposed to the usual cut-throat and vulgar comment that is hardly ever mentioned by those on The Left. They are indeed the party of ideas and solutions.

Jesse Jackson was caught off-guard, speaking about Obama, while his microphone was still turned on. Jackson said "I want to cut his nuts off." BBC:

    US civil rights leader the Rev Jesse Jackson has apologised for "regretfully crude" remarks he made about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

    In a reference to Mr Obama, Mr Jackson had said on US Fox News: "I want to cut his nuts off", not knowing his comments were picked up by a live microphone.

In the same BBC link above, Jackson also said of Obama, "he's talking down to black people."

You can WATCH and HEAR Jackson say this right HERE. And then some lawyer named Warren Ballentine defends Jackson's words. Is it...uh...racist of me to note that Ballentine is black?

And watch Jackson's facial expression when he says, "I wanna cut his nuts off." He's angry. Watch his right arm make the cutting motion, as if he were holding a knife.

Whoa - imagine if what Jackson said was said by Pat Robertson, John Hagee, James Dobson, or...that old white guy Don Imus. The Lefties would be shrieking so loudly that in less than 24 hours we'd all need hearing aids.



I love how he (the lawyer) sticks to "it was taken out of context" even though we (the public) can see it and hear it.

... but hey... maybe someone "doctored" it into something else to make him look bad.

Now I'm hearing people claim it was a conspiracy by the Obama crew and Jackson to give Obama a chance to look like a good human being by forgiving Jackson his horrible words.

Ahhhh. The sweet nectar of leftard arrogance. 2008 will be a fine vintage.
Bug, oh geez, I hadn't heard that Lefty conspiracy about done to make Obama look good. He Jeebus-like of him to forgive Jesse....
He really - to me, is in the same arrogant style as John Kerry, Arc. Obama is even more smug than Kerry. I dunno. whatdo you think? Bug, you wanna weigh in on this?
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