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Friday, July 11, 2008

Did Iran Doctor Photo Of Missile Lauch?

An expert says that Iranian photo's of their recent missile launchings were doctored. IHT:

    An Iranian photograph showing a cluster of missile launches was apparently altered to add a fourth missile lifting off from a desert range, a defense analyst said Thursday.

    "There's no doubt the photo was doctored," said Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the Non-Proliferation Program for the London-based International Institute For Strategic Studies.

    The image, posted Wednesday on a Web site run by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, showed four missiles moments after launch, leaving trails of glowing exhaust and clouds of billowing brown dust.


    The photo on the Sepah News site was replaced Thursday with an image showing three missiles — which appear to be the same missiles show in the earlier photo. In place of the fourth missile, however, the photo showed one still on the ground in its launch position and what appears to be a vehicle nearby.

    Fitzpatrick, a former State Department official who follows arms control issues, believes the photo was manipulated after the missile malfunctioned.

My sources provided me with another photograph of Iran's missile launchings and I must agree, it appears to be doctored:



Just checking your "profane comments" policy. Delete this shit, please.


Obama '08!
Naw, you're comment passes the filter. You'll notice that it is profanity in and of itself that is a disqualifier of a comment being not heing published. You always use things in context.
Well, I certainly didn't mean to mess up the formating. I hit return on every line and dang, it just keeps going forever, huh?

I get the gist now, you can drop f-bombs all you want as long as you end in the comment with something about Obama. Kewl.
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