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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Denver Protesters Behind Fences

The Denver Post reports DNC protests and protesters will be fenced in during the Democrat National Convention:

    The fence around the public demonstration zone outside the Democratic National Convention will be chicken wire or chain link, authorities revealed in U.S. District Court today.

    That may allow protestors to be seen and heard by delegates going in and out of the Pepsi Center during the convention.

    But the American Civil Liberties Union and several advocacy groups have filed an amended complaint to their lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service and the city and county of Denver that says protestors and demonstrators may have their First Amendment rights violated by security restrictions.

    The ACLU has said it wants to avoid the conditions that existed during the 2004 convention in Boston, where protesters were caged, infuriating First Amendment advocates.

Protest fences and cages! Riotously funny!

Some protesters in Denver will be handled in other ways:

Placing protesters behind chicken wire and in cages is funny because it's the same criticism the Left hurled at Republicans in the past. It put the Insane Liberal Clown Posse into First Amendment histrionic rages and hissy fits. Now, they get a big, heaping, tablespoon full of their very own tasty medicine! It's Boston 2004 all over again! Karma is such a sweet thing - ain't it?

Fantastic! Laff Out Loud Funny! Booya!

Double-Booya! To the Nth-Power Booya!



For the love of waffles, will someone please throw Billbo a hooker. Billbo can't live without hookers. I'm calling the U.N. to lodge a human rights complaint.
"for the love of waffles...." heh! I like that line! A lot!

Hey, you can add my name into your conversation witht he UN, Bubba does need a hooker. I agree with you!
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