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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spider Bite Sidelines Mike Malloy

Spider 1, Malloy 0

At the opening of his Thursday night unlistened to Liberal Radio Hatefest, The Rapidly Decaying Corpse of Mike Malloy said he wasn't feeling well.

The Rapidly Decaying Corpse said he believes sometime on Wednesday he was bitten by either a Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider. He said went to the emergency room and has a mobile and drugged IV drip going into his swollen left arm. He mentioned his blood pressure dropped to 96 over 50. That's 95 and 49 points too high, in my opinion.

Malloy...um...the one on the right. I think.

Upon hearing the news that he had been bitten by a spider and wasn't feeling well, I reached for a box of Kleenex, not out of sadness or sympathy, but for joy. Tears of joy! I wept and wept tears of joy.

Karma, sweet sweet chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, glorious, caramel, whipped cream Karma - delivered to the Hate Monger and Smear Merchant Decaying Corpse via a Spider.

Thank you, Spider. Thanks a Million!



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