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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Red Wings Win The Stanley Cup

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in Game 6, Wednesday night in Pittsburgh with a score of 3-2.

The first period showed both the Red Wings and the Penguins looking fully rested, ready to go and about as full of energy as they could be considering Monday's Game 5 went into triple overtime.

Detroit got the first goal about 5-plus minutes into the first period. Red Wings Dallas Drake and Kris Draper took early penalties; Draper's hit on Sergei Gonchar appearing inexcusably harsh considering Gonchar's back problems and spasms. Draper could have checked him anywhere below the shoulders, but instead he nailed Gonchar right in the lower-neck/upper shoulders area.

Johan "The Mule" Franzen nailed Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury well after Fleury had released the puck and the officials either didn't see it or they chose to ignore it. Detroit led 1-0 at the end of the first period. Penguins coach Michel Therrien also had issues with some of the officiating.

The Penguins appeared to tire quickly halfway through the second period, their legs looking rubbery. They caught their second-wind after Evangi Malkin - on a beautiful assist pass by Sidney Crosby - scored the first Pittsburgh goal of the game during a power play by sailing the puck right through the legs of Detroit goalie Chris Osgood.

Pittsburgh spent too much time in the second period setting up and executing plays that didn't garner any results. Sometimes 'ya just gotta drive to the net and if you don't get the goal, you get a ricochet rebound shot to sail the puck into the net.

Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg scored when his wrist shot dribbled past goalie Marc-Andre Fleury in the third period. Fleury thought he had stopped the puck and was sitting on it. He wasn't, it was loose and the puck slid into the net. In ideal hockey - not that there is such a thing - this should never happen to any goalie.

At the 11 minute mark the Red Wings had 9 shots on goal, the Penguins only 1. One! You cannot expect to win a hockey game with such a huge variance of SOGs, you just can't.

Sergei Gonchar scored, with a slight deflection and modification of puck path by team mate Marian Hossa, with 1:27 left to play with the Pens 2 and the Wings 3. Next up was another face-off won by Sidney Crosby.

Time was running out and the Penguins, in my opinion, waiting too long to pull their goalie. The clock ticked down, hit zero and the final score was 3-2. It was not to be for the Penguins. They turned on the heat a little bit too late.

Detroit played the better defense in Game 6 than did Pittsburgh, there's no doubt about it. Detroit took some offensive risks and they paid off; Pittsburgh...not so much.

Congratulations to the all the Detroit Red Wings players and their fans, Coach Mike Babcock and all my blogger friends in the metropolitan Detroit area and Michigan. You have a fine team and every reason to be proud of them.

I congratulate The Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans, Coach Michel Therrien and my blogger friends in Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh area for a fine playoff series and a fine season. The Penguins earned every second of what was a hard-fought season on the ice this year.

I can't say with any authority that this was one of the great NHL seasons overall, but damn...it's right up there in terms of passion, play, persistence and performance.

Ancillary comments:

NBC does a great job on the technical side of NHL coverage. I get really, really tired of the "camera at center ice" long shots from the stands that dominates and is so over used in hockey, and NBC breaks up their choices of camera shots and angles, getting away from the archetypal "center of the ice in the stands" camera shot. Their camera operators zoom in with nice tight shots, frequently using rink level and end-rink medium and close-up shots.

I think Pierre McGuire is a huge asset to NBC's coverage. I'm at a loss as to why so many people diss him. He's insightful and best of all, his commentary is exactly what the guy sitting at home watching on TV is thinking.

The NHL Stanley Cup fast-time-lapse commercial showing the various winning teams hoisting the Cup through the years almost brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful, just beautiful.

The Edge shaving gel commercials: oh, good Christ Almighty if I never see another one again it will be too soon. Especially the one that represents little molecules of Edge gel floating up into an animated nose and nostrils with the claim that the "bold fragrance wakes you up." What...is Edge putting cocaine in the gel? Yeah, the chicky-poo's are hot, and having them shooting out white shaving gel from Super Soaker aloe and moisturizing guns is indeed phallic, but come one, every other commercial seemed to be Edge gel.

KFC commercials showing a group of black people eating chicken. Really? Really? Black people like chicken? Noooooo! I'm surprised The Obamalith and his wife Pickles the Dangerous Washerwoman weren't included in the commercial. Maybe KFC can market a "Hope 'N Change" bucket of chicken specifically marketed to the Obama Cultists? Hey - I'm just thinking like someone in marketing.

The KFC Hope 'N Change Bucket!
Precisely divided into exactly half-white and half-dark meat.
Comes with sides of goat cheese and arugula.

No it isn't. It's a joke.

Finally, to the fan in the stands at the game who was laying on the air-horn non-stop for what was almost the entire game...if I were in the stands sitting anywhere near you, you never would have seen the end of the game. I'd have killed you by snapping your neck like a dry twig and chuckling as your body writhes, convulses and spasms as you lay on the floor dying. And then I'd take that air-horn and shove it right up your ass.



The KFC Hope n Change bucket! Dude! Dude! laugh my ass off!
Thanks! Glad you like it!

I just noticed I misspelled "blogspot" as blgospot on it, so I fixed it. I am such a bad proofreader on my own stuff sometimes.
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