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Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama Supporter McPeak Calls McCain "Fat"

From WaPo:

    Turns out the most senior retired general to back Sen. Barack Obama crossed paths with Sen. John McCain during their active-duty years.


    Mr. McCain, a fighter pilot just like Gen. McPeak, was seeking to restart a military career after nearly six years of harsh treatment in North Vietnam.

    "He was fresh out of jail, you know," Gen. McPeak said. "Skinny kid. All beat up of course, physically. But quite thin. They weren't feeding him very well in Hanoi. He's done very well at the dinner table in Washington."


    "Surely a four-star general can come up with something better than that," said Orson Swindle, a former Marine Corps pilot who, like Mr. McCain, was shot down over enemy territory. "It reeks of pettiness and sarcasm, and I can't imagine why he can make that kind of comment to imply that John McCain feasts at the Washington establishment."

    "It's just disappointing to see someone who rose to four-start rank be so petty," said Mr. Swindle, who is campaigning for the Republican senator.

When asked about McPeak's statement, Barack Hussein Obama lept to the podium and replied, "That's not the General McPeak that I knew." /sarcasm

The most revealing item about McPeak is perhaps the following comment on the above story located at the same WaPo link:

    By: Kimo

    I know Tony McPeak. In the late 90s he tried to get appointed as a precinct captain in Clackamas county Oregon and was denied because he was a fake Republican. Round business circles in Oregon he is known as "Mr. Window Dressing"...in that he is willing to be appointed to any board for money. Though he seldom shows up. The man is all about doing whatever he can to monetize his military service. He has his feet firmly planted in mid-air.
    June 26, 2008 at 5:05 p.m.

It is said that McPeak also fancied himself as a clothing designer. Wiki:

    He is best remembered by Air Force personnel for the sweeping changes which he made in the blue service uniform. Worn by more personnel during most duties, the new version (derisively known as "Admiral McPeak's Blue Suit", "The Doorman's Uniform", or "Merrill Apparel") was a radical departure from the earlier version, which was essentially the same as the US Army service uniform (the US Air Force was originally the US Army Air Corps). The McPeak uniform was never popular, and was obsoleted rapidly after McPeak retired.

"Why, you look sthimply fabulous in blue!"

Oh, and add McPeak to the list of another of many Israel-haters that Obama surrounds himself with. Wiki:

    McPeak was harshly criticized by American Spectator journalist Robert Goldberg for comments and writings he has made regarding Israel.[7]

    Goldberg begins the piece saying that "McPeak has a long history of criticizing Israel for not going back to the 1967 borders as part of any peace agreement with Arab states. In 1976 McPeak wrote an article for Foreign Affairs magazine questioning Israel's insistence on holding on to the Golan Heights and parts of the West Bank."[7]

    Goldberg writes that "[in] recent years McPeak has echoed the Mearsheimer-Walt view that American Middle East policy is being controlled by Jews at the expense of America's interests in the region."

Obama? Surrounded by Jew-haters and anti-Semites? Why, who would ever have guessed that?!?


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