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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ed Schultz Reacts To Don Imus

Liberal Radio Talker, Big, Fat Dumb, Wife-Beating, Drunk While Hunting and Shooting and Killing His Own Dog Ed Schultz once again set himself up as a moral authority.

This time, it was the comments by
Radio Talk Guru Don Imus. UPI:

    Radio shock jock Don Imus sought to clarify a racial remark he made about Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, an African-American.

    While discussing Jones's desire to ditch his nickname Monday, Imus was told Jones has "been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005."

    Imus asked one of his on-air sidekicks, "What color is he?"

    "He's African-American," the co-star said.

    "Well, there you go," Politico quoted Imus as saying. "Now we know."

    Asked in an e-mail message what he had intended by his remark, Imus wrote that he meant Jones "was being picked on because he's black," The New York Times reported.

Reacting to Imus' comments and the above story - at approximately 25 minutes into the first hour of his radio program on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - Big Fat Dumb Ed said, "sooner or later we render judgment [on people]."

Wife Beater/Abuser and Dog Killer: Big, Fat, Dumb Ed Schultz

Who is Ed Schultz to talk about rendering judgment on anybody?

Ed Schultz , the wife-beater, wife-abuser? Ask his first wife Maureen Zimmerman, or those close to her, about how Ed used to beat her.

Ed Schultz, the man who so delicately labeled the deceased Anna Nicole Smith, "a dead whore."

Ed Schultz, the man who while on a hunting trip - in a drunken stupor - shoots and kills his own dog.

Big Fat Dumb Ed sets himself up as the arbiter of Moral Authority and Judge of Human Behavior?

I told you these Liberals are absolute hypocrites of the worst kind. Besides, isn't it The Liberal and Progressive Crowd that claims to not be the crowd of judging others? Oh Pu-lease - the hypocrisy stench is vomit inducing.

Ed Schultz has no business rendering judgment or throwing stones at anyone.


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