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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Democrats Solution To Energy Independence And The High Cost of Oil

After a lengthy delay and much criticism from Americans tired of paying high gasoline, oil and natural gas prices, House Speakeress Nanny Pelosi, flanked by The Affirmative Action Candidate, John Murtha and John Kerry unveiled their energy independence plan for the United States today:


Oddly enough, it looks like a big fat nothing.
Did anyone catch Obama's plan?
Arc - his plan is tax and spend and tax and spend. Cap n Trade, fine the oil companies. And somehow, this is supposed to decrease the price of gasoline and natural gas while increasing the supply.

Oh, and he wants us to all make do with less. Lower our standard of life.

Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?
Sounds like the standard leftist/Marxist plan to me...

I heard him say that he wants a windfall profits tax...

A superb plan if ever I’ve heard one…

How much oil can be drilled/refined by taxing? (Sarcasm)

Oh I know while were punitively taxing evil “Big Oil” why don’t we go ahead and put price controls on it to…

I was too young to remember Carter, I’m so glad we get Carter part 2.

If we're all broke and miserable then we'll be equal right?
If we're all broke and miserable then we'll be equal right?

My friend, you have nailed it SPOT ON. That is the Dem plan!
Well, it's what Treasonous Surrender Monkeys want right equality of outcome.
While I'm at it I think we should rename the Dems/Libs we'll call them TSM for short.
Arc, there is a great blog name if you want to start a new blog, TSM. Treasonous Surrender Monkey! You should claim that domain name now at blogger or wordpress or somewhere!
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