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Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Hit News

Muslims seek to dispel myths in the Geert Wilders' flim "Fitna". Prague Post:

    “The film alleges that Muslims lack the ability to live in peace with other cultures, that women have an inferior position in society than men," [said Brno Islamic Foundation Chairman Muneeb Hasan].

"The film alleges that Muslims lack the ability to live in peace with other cultures..." ?!?!?????

Oh, absolutely, Muneeb. That's why we saw such peaceful protests from militant Muslims over the Danish cartoons. That's why peaceful Muslims have called for the killing of Pope Benedict. That's why peaceful Muslims murdered a Nun in Somalia. It's peaceful Muslims who force their wives to dress head to toe in suffocating garments. And - uh - who was it, exactly, who murdered Theo van Gough? Oh yeah - right - all the Muslims who live in peace and harmony with other cultures.
- - - - -
Norway's celebration of Constitution Day sees abnormally cold temperatures.

    State meteorologists were predicting the coldest 17th of May in 50 years this weekend. Not necessarily bad weather, given the heavy wool national costumes that many Norwegians wear to celebrate their Constitution Day.

But-but- how can this be, when Albert Gore, Junior and his Global Warming Alarmists tell us the earth is on fire?
- - - - -
If you can pay for it, you can have the best medical care money can buy.
Copenhagen Post:

    If you want your broken arm fixed quickly, then shelling out 2400 kroner may be the way to go come 1 August, when a new private hospital in the city enclave of Frederiksberg opens[.]


    'Politicians either have to acknowledge that access to health care is no longer equal for everyone or we'll have to pay for everyone to have the same conditions and spend whatever it costs,' said Martin Strandberg-Larsen, researcher at the National Institute of Public Health.

The Illinois Muslim who is running for President of the U.S. - should he win - will demonstrate to the entire world how his socialized medicine with revolutionize the entire health care industry, though.
- - - - -
Rome film festival tells U.S. movie stars to f*ck off, they are not welcome.
Corriere Della Sera:

    “Rome's 'Duce' to freeze out US film stars...”


    “has launched a campaign to promote Italian films at the expense of those featuring Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman and Leonardo Di Caprio, who are to be blacklisted”.

I can't think of two better stars to blacklist than - in my opinion - the extremely untalented Kidman and the vomit-inducing overrated Di Caprio. Throw George Clooney into the blacklisting and you have the perfect trifecta.
- - - - -
Favorite and beloved Italian clown, Carlo Colombaioni has died at the age of 75.
Life In Italy:

    The last of a generation of traditional clowns, the Ancona-born performer worked as both an actor and advisor on circus scenes for Italian director Fellini, contributing to the films La Strada, I Clown, Amarcord, Roma and Casanova.

Fellini...a genius of a filmmaker. If you've never seen his movies, I highly recommend staring by renting "La Strada" and then "La Dolce Vita" and then moving on from there. Those two films - if you like them - will turn you on to Fellini. If you don't like them - well, at least you've given two of his masterpieces a chance.

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