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Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Hit News

They are just like hot dogs, only made from salmon. Aftenposten

That sounds kinda good!
- - - - -
Milan, Italy to bestow honorary citizenship on Albert "The Global Warming Alarmist" Gore, Junior. Life In Italy

WTF Milan...why are you doing this?
- - - - -
Italy rejects "Wind power, nuclear energy and regasification plants." Corriere Della Sera

Great move! Now revoke that honorary citizenship you're giving Junior Gore!
- - - - -
Internet habits of the Danes exposed. Copenhagen Post:

    ...the myth that much of people's time on the internet is spent visiting porn sites was refuted by the study's figures.

- - - - -
Organic beer is...wait for it...oh, wait for it...is BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! Copenhagen Post:

    Organic beer production emits substantially more greenhouse gases than ordinary beer.

- - - - -
Public drinking bans enforced! The Prague Post:

    Citywide bans were impossible to implement after having been deemed an infringement on basic human rights by the Constitutional Court. However, in July 2007, Ústí nad Labem found a way to establish a number of alcohol-free zones within its city limits.

- - - - -
After two years on the job, just the threat of being Tasered is enough to stop criminals. The Evening Telegraph:

    Tayside Police firearms officers have drawn but never discharged the high-voltage tasers they were armed with more than two years ago.

- - - - -
More doubt that humans are the cause of so-called global warming. The Herald:

    Global temperatures may not increase over the next decade because of natural variations in the climate which will offset man-made warming, scientists predicted yesterday.

    Researchers attempting to model what might happen to the climate of the North Atlantic over a period of decades suggest that the temperature of the sea and Europe and North America may cool slightly.

I vote for Italy giving Big Carbon Al full citizenship and keeping the fat bastard permanently.
I am really sick and tired of Gore. I don't want to see him or hear from him. Thank God he didn't win the White House. Oh how we would have been so, so, so screwed!
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