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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Layla writes that when it comes to Michelle Obama, "less is more." The Hill Chronicles
- - - - -
How many times have you been treated badly and shoddily by a Customer Service Rep or Salesperson? Wouldn't you like to seek revenge? Two Dogs
has the answer. It's a must read, folks. Mean Ol' Meany
- - - - -
GuyK reflects on Hillary being a "resilient old bitch" (bwa ha ha ha!) and how she is nipping at the heels of the Obama campaign. Charming, Just Charming
- - - - -
Dane dissects the Democrat tizzy over President Bush's remarks while in Israel. Dane Bramage
- - - - -
BobG examines how Mexican drug cartels are calling the shots in how U.S. law enforcement is treated. Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
- - - - -
Curt breaks down the Hillary-Obama race like a football game, and it's in the fourth quarter. Flopping Aces
- - - - -
Murphy's Law...And Others. Bug's Memoirs
- - - - -
David Codrea finds Handgun Control, The Huffington Post and the Brady Blog are lurking at his site. The War On Guns
- - - - -
Lady Vorzheva publishes a wonderfully detailed piece examining radical Islam in Europe. (Scroll down about halfway for the English language version). Spanish Pundit
- - - - -
Mark examines inclusivism, tolerance and the California Court. Chester Street
- - - - -
Denny has a painstakingly detailed and thorough piece on Obama, Terrorists, Anti-Semites and Outlaws. New Republican Party
- - - - -
The Bad tells us why The Dems have their panties all in a bunch. Rants And Other Refinements
- - - - -
GroovyVic has some must-see retro Saturday morning commercials. Fiddle Dee Dee
- - - - -
Butch has a two-fer: It's your last day on the job. So send a message to your soon-to-be former employer; and, Beer Can Coffins. 123Beta
- - - - -
Exclusive coverage of The First Meeting Of U.S. President Barack Obama And Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmahdinejad. The Nose On Your Face

In a totally shameless act of self-promotion...

The Bad illustrates how democrats in Maine are flogging their taxpayers with their own shoes. Rants and Other Refinements
Not a problem.
Thanks for the linkage, David...
You're welcome, as always, Butch.

The beer-can coffin just cracked me up! That's a riot!!
Thanks for the link DD!
Now to get completely off topic: what do you use to make your films?
You're welcome Dane. It's a great post.

So far I'm using Windows Movie Maker. It's pretty easy stuff, just importing audio (win audio or audacity converted to WAV or mp3 format) and importing images and dropping them into the template.
Thanks for the link, DD. I have linked this post because it contains a lot of good stuff. ;)
Greetings from Spain.
You are most welcome, Lady V. (May I still refer to you as Lady V? It's such a sexy name). If you prefer being called Nora, just let me know and I will abide.
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