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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Randi Rhodes Suspension Radio Round Up

Left: Randi Rhodes. Right: Nelson Muntz represents Schadenfreude

Awwwwwwwwwww, all the Little Liberal Talkers and their sycophants are defending Ratty Rhodes.

Allow me to recap what these Little Lefty Haters are saying.

"Joe" Elliot

San Diego's Liberal Talker Jon Elliot Bats For Rhodes

On his Thursday night program, Liberal Talker Jon Elliot was all the uber-apologist for Randi Rhodes.

Elliot said Rhodes is a "shy" person (uh-huh, yeah...) and that she was "over-served" liquor before she went on stage to deliver her profanity laced tirade. Considered her drunken face-plant last October, could it be that she has an alcohol abuse problem?

The Rhodes' apologists are defending her on the issue of Free Speech. This all well and good, but the event that included her tirade was sponsored by her employer. Technically, one could say she was on the corporate clock, thus AirHead America has every right to suspend or fire her from her job.

Elliot was snippy that the FOX News report got his first name wrong, calling him "Joe" Elliot.

Come on, Jon, give FOX News a break. You know what's it like to make an error when news is breaking.

Jon, you recall your reporting on Randi Rhodes' incident last October, when you said that what happened to her did not "appear to be a standard grab the money and run mugging."

You continued with, "Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence on of our own? Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we're winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?"

You fed the conspiracy machine with wild speculation, Jon. When the truth finally came out as to what actually happened to Ratty, we learned that she was shit-faced drunk off her ass and fell flat onto the pavement in a alcoholic stupor.

Until and when your reporting is flawless, perfect and error-free Jon, cut FOX - and any other media - a little slack.

Skanky Miller

Stephanie Miller Calls Rhodes' Suspension A "Chilling Free Speech Issue"

Skanky Miller on Friday repeatedly referred to the Rhodes' suspension as a, "chilling Free Speech issue."

Free Speech is a fine kneejerk defense mechanism, but again, Rhodes was on the company clock. Sorry, using the Free Speech defense doesn't wash here.

I wonder if DemocRAT Senator Harry Reid and other Dems will band together, writing and signing another "Phony Solider"-like letter feigning outrage and demanding a public apology from Rhodes for calling both Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro "f*cking whores."

It's funny when Liberals censor other Liberals! And all this time it's been the Liberals saying it would be Conservatives that would impede the Free Speech of Liberals.

(L to R): Ed Schultz, Al Franken, The Rapidly Decaying Corpse of Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy Unleashes His Usual Contemptuous Ramblings

It was classic - classic! - vitriol from The Rapidly Decaying and Rotting Corpse Mike Malloy on his show last night with him defending Rhodes. How come The Corpse sounded so nasally plugged up and was sniffing so much? Was he coming off a week long binge of Booger Sugar? Hey, I'm just askin'.

The Rapidly Decaying Corpse blamed Right Wingers for Randi Rhodes' "indefinite suspension." See, here's how it works in the mind of the Relic Corpse: The investors of Air America were all rich - super, duper rich - Liberals who refuse to invest their own money in Liberal Radio. So some Clear Channel (i.e. Conservatives with money) investors come along and invest their cash into AAR. So it was the Conservative investors who made the decision to suspend Rhodes from her AAR gig.

Here comes the part The Relic couldn't explain. How did the Conservative investors make Randi say what she said in San Francisco? It must have been some high-tech Manchurian Candidate nefarious scheme, some ultra-secret plot that must have involved a microchip implant that made Rhodes say what she said. Why, this is no less than mind-control procedure perfected by...well, it has to be Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, right? Wow, you have to hand it to those Conservative investors, huh? Huh? Huh? Everything is the fault of Right Wingers in the mind of Malloy the Truth Denier.

Malloy said, "Rich Liberals turned their backs on Air America Radio." And that somehow surprised you Mikey? You didn't know that Rich Liberals got rich by being cheap? Heh - you're not at all as smart as you think you are, are you? Liberals aren't just cheap, they are the most miserly Scrooge-like people on earth.

When The Relic discussed Geraldine Ferraro's call for Rhodes to be fired, Malloy called Ferraro, "A goddamn freak." This occurred 51 minutes into the first hour of his program.

A bit earlier, 35 minutes into the first hour, Malloy said, "Randi is a Veteran." Not by any stretch of the imagination. She spent two short years in state-side service and spent the remaining two years of her four year stint doing something like baking pies in a military canteen. She's never explained why or how she wiggled out of her stint only after two years.

Ratty Rhodes

Other gems from The Corpse included his visceral hatred of ex-Liberal Talker and Minnesota U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken.

Malloy said that Franken said about him: "Malloy gives Liberalism a bad name." And that Franken wouldn't allow Malloy promos on his program. And that Franken said, "Malloy has the wrong positions on Israel and the War in Iraq."

Seven minutes into the second hour of his program, Malloy said, "Al Franken is a geek and a jerk ass." He said that he hopes Franken loses his bid for U.S. Senate.

AAR in New York replaced the Thom Hartmann Show with Ed Schultz. For this, Malloy said AAR, "put this hayseed Ed Schultz on [the air] instead." Bwa! Hey, Ed - Malloy called you a "hayseed."

Malloy is still bitter that he was fired by AAR and that they owe him $112,000 that he's likely never to see or if he does, because of the AAR bankruptcy filing, he will receive only pennies on the dollar.

Schultz, to the surprise of no one, mentioned nothing at all about Rhodes during his entire three hour program on Friday. This is because Fat Eddy and Ratty are enemies. Whoa, big surprise there - not.

The real hilarity is that Rhodes can't claim that she was unaware of her being recorded. In a recent AAR station promo for her program, she said - and I paraphrase - that everyone is being recorded these days. They show up on the internet, they show up on You Tube, everyone is being taped and recorded.

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Moment of Excellence: Ratty Rhodes, according to Jeff Norman, writing at the HuffPuffPoo:

    Rhodes is stunned and angry. About her employers she told me: "They are in breach of my contract and have damaged my hard won excellent reputation in the broadcast industry..."

Why, I hear a Liberal crying and whining! (Ahem), when aren't they?

Oh gawd! (Pounding my fist on desk, laughing so hard root beer is fizzing out of my nose!)..."damaged my hard won excellent reputation in the broadcast industry." Why, who knew she could be so funny!

None of us have to wonder or question - not even for a nanosecond - how the Left would be reacting if what Rhodes' said were spoken by any Conservative Talker.

This Rhodes situation - and the infighting of Malloy against Ed Schultz and Al Franken - will be recorded as one of the finest, most glorious, endorphin-producing Schadenfreude moments of the year.

Click here to read all about Randi's Adventures In Alcohol Toxicity In October, 2007


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