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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Prediction

Even if she loses Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton isn't going anywhere. She's going all the way to the Denver Convention.

I've occasionally made some primary and caucus predictions, so in keeping with those silly guesses - most of which I've predicted accurately - I'll say Hillary wins Pennsylvania by....10 points, plus or minus a point.

This post is being time-stamped for Tuesday, but the below stories were tracking the noted headlines around 6PM Central time on Monday, April 21:

Hillary 51, Obama 44. AP

Clinton leads in 5 of 6 polls. All Headline News


Hmmmm, if Hillary stays in it till the end and finds a way to wrest the nomination from an Obama with more votes and more delegates we may see a reverse Goldwater moment in which the youth and Black vote return to the Republican party or at least withdraw most of their support from the Democrats. Hmmmm.
You have nailed a very possible election scenario of a reverse Goldwater moment, indeed. Wow. You sure got me thinking. Great observation.
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