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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pawlenty Vetoes Central Corridor Funding

Because I am more than fair - I am, despite what the Insane Liberal Clown Posse "believes" - I give credit where credit it due. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (technically a Republican, even though I have written in the past, railing against him and calling him a RINO), line item vetoed $70 Million dollars that was earmarked for the prohibitively expensive Light Rail Trolley Choo-Choo Train.

Now, here's an interesting way to headline this story. Check out Finance and Commerce, reporting on this story with the headline: "Pawlenty to St. Paul: Drop dead."

Well, isn't that special! So much for independent, non-partisan journalism. St. Paul is in the midst of committing suicide at the hands of its own Mayor Kommissar Chris Coleman and city council stocked with members like Master Asshat Dave "Toothy Grin" Thune. St. Paul needs no help - and hasn't received any from Pawlenty - in dropping dead. The mayor and city asshats are doing a bang -up job of that and have been for years. Why do we need light rail between the lively downtown scene of Minneapolis and the soon-to-be Ghost town of St. Paul?

Picture this - you're out on the town with your friends, family or significant other in downtown Minneapolis where nightlife is fun, lively and you have a choice of activities, nightclubs, restaurants, cultural choices and entertainment venues all of which you can pretty much reach on foot or for a nominal taxi fee. Suddenly, someone you're with or in your party says, "I know, let's take light rail to downtown St. Paul." You'd look at the person(s) with you who said that and wonder what the fuck is wrong with them. Who wants to leave a party for a ghost town and tumbleweeds? The only time St. Paul has even moderately exciting nightlife now is after a Minnesota Wild Hockey Game. St. Paul is dead after 5PM and the responsible parties are Kommissar Coleman and the City Asshats.

Good job, Gov.; let's hope you don't flip-flop on this in the near future. As usual, the Democrat Tax and Spenders reacted to the veto with their usual, suspected child-like behavior.

The gathering of Whine-O-Crats included St. Paul Shit-For-Brains Kommissar Democrat Chris Coleman, State Senator Democrat Little Stevie Murphy, U.S. Congresswombat Democrat Betty McGollum and U.S. Congressman Democrat Keith al-Ellison all of whom soiled their panties at a news conference today because Pawlenty line item vetoed $70 million state dollars from a bonding bill - among other things - that was intended to partially fund the light rail choo-choo train between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Another stable hysterical Democrat was State Senator Ellen Anderson who reacted to the line item veto, saying... Post Bulletin:

    "I want to know why the governor hates the people of St. Paul."

Ellen, wtf is your problem? Why do you hate the people of Minnesota by constantly voting to approve onerous tax increases? Who has driven businesses out of St. Paul and into more tax-friendly suburbs, the St. Paul Mayor and City Asshats, or Gov. Pawlenty? Who devised the no-smoking ban in the city of St. Paul, resulting in the closings of bars and restaurants, well before the statewide no-smoking ban took effect? Who has called two major increases in St. Paul homeowner property taxes as being, "courageous." (Answer: that would be Asshat "Toothy Grin" Thune). St. Paul city leaders asshats have controlled the city and are responsible for the aftermath all on their own, without any help from Pawlenty. And believe me, take it from someone who in the past has delighted in ripping Pawlenty to shreds on numerous issues, he is blameless on his line item vetoes.
Ellen, you are a total dumbass.

Don't you feel sorry for the little Communists who normally wet and soil themselves with glee over tax increases and spending money on pet projects that will never pay for itself, that provides a service for a tiny amount of people and that will forever require massive amounts of endless taxpayer subsidies? They're angry; throwing child-like hissy fits and having temper tantrums because...get this...Pawlenty indicated he would support the funding but then changed his mind and vetoed it.

Minnesota's Light Rail Choo Choo has cost to date something like - I've lost count - a billion or a trillion or a bazillion dollars. The plan, what is called the Central Corridor between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, requires removing and reducing various bus lines and bus stops and replacing those areas with the Choo-Choo.

The Central Corridor Choo Choo wouldn't make as many stops as current buses do in their routes and the Choo Choo would make it more difficult for people to reach their destination because it runs on a set grid, unlike a bus which can travel on any street, road or highway. This is analogous to replacing automobiles with the horse and buggy. WTF are these Democrats thinking? Oh, wait - my bad - Democrats Thinking? Sorry, I forgot who I was talking about for a moment.

I don't have a problem with mass transit as long as it's the right mass transit. What has been spent on the current Choo-Choo (which runs from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to the Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis) should have instead been spent on buying more buses, increasing bus-only lanes and adding more bus routes. But no, for reasons that escape me, the Little Band of Merry Socialists in the Twin Cities are hell-bent over Light Rail and its absurdly prohibitive costs.

Other cuts in the bonding bill included the following. Post Bulletin:

    * Mankato lost out on $975,000 to begin design of a performing arts center and women's hockey arena.

    * $46.7 million for property acquisitions and classroom renovations on Minnesota State Colleges and Universities campuses.

    * $16 million for a loan to the Red Lake school district for a new school.

    * $6 million toward sports centers in Moorhead and Rochester.

    * $5.5 million to study or plan for passenger rail routes connecting the Twin Cities to Duluth and another to Chicago.

    * $5 million for a St. Paul Asian Pacific Cultural Center.

    * $3 million toward planning for a Minnesota Orchestra Hall renovation.

    * $400,000 for a music lending library in Chatfield.

Talk about pork spending! None of the above are essential items, not for anyone. $5.5 million to study a fucking light rail plan? Who - which group - what "think tank" - is going to be paid $5.5 Mill to study a plan? I'd like to know. I'll study that plan for one-third of the price. A women's hockey arena? Let the numerous women who want to play hockey pay for it themselves. Ditto any performing arts center. Ditto education, universities and music libraries. A St. Paul Asian Pacific Cultural Center - wtf is that? Orchestra Hall...fuck that! No wonder there's no money for infrastructure and essential items when money is allocated and spent on such frivolous expenditures.

The nixed items only serves to reinforce what I and others have written and said time and time again: It's not that government doesn't have enough money, it has far - far, far, far, far - too much money. They cannot piss it away fast enough. And then the Dems have the audacity to bitch and complain and run for office on a platform - a false platform - that "we" aren't spending enough on infrastructure, witness the collapse of the I-35W bridge last summer. How much more hypocritical can these Liberals get?

So, Gov. Pawlenty changed his mind, and he vetoed items in the bonding bill. Good for him, I wasn't sure he had the chutzpah.

Democrats never reverse themselves on what they say. Certainly, they'd never ever lie directly to someone's face about something and then do the exact opposite of what they say they would do. No, never. They'd never do that. It's never happened, not ever, in the history of politics.

This situation of Minnesota's favorite group of Wee Little Stalinists calls for commentary from the mrssatan.blogspot.com exclusive expert analyst, The One And Only Baby Democrat:

Let the Central Corridor die. It is a supreme waste of money, time and resources. It is a hardship imposed on people already using the bus routes on a daily basis. Let it die forever.


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