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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama Crowd Blaming Diebold Voter Machines! Surprised? Not So Much...

The Left - especially the Obama Cultists - are talking about the 16 Pennsylvania counties that use Diebold voting machines and how their results are unauditable!

GASP! What's this? Diebold playing a part in a primary election between two Democrat candidates? Why, I thought it was only when Republican candidates were involved that the Diebold machines were "rigged". So...now Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family has the ability and possess the code to program the Diebolds? Well, that's how the whining, crying and belly-aching sounds from the Obamaniacs.

Here's a fine thread full of Diebold Tin Foil Hat Wearers:

    No wonder Obama figures Hillary will win. Diebold at work again. No paper trail at all.

So...are we to believe that Democrats hack Diebold results for their own candidates? Oh, No Barry-O, say it ain't so!

Here's a great Diebold conspiracy believer:

    Obama doesn't seem to be the candidate that Diebold will install this year, if the fascist mouthpieces have their way.

Oh, I guess it was fine and dandy when The Chosen Democrat wins an election - then, and only then, there is no voter manipulation or Diebold voting problems. But the moment the Cult Leader of the Moment doesn't win, it's because of voter fraud and corruption.

It will be nice to see Hillary "selected" rather than elected in Pennsylvania. Where have I heard a similar refrain to that?

"Things that go bump in the night....," suggested the celebrity player.

"What is a Diebold voting machine," replied the Democrat game show contestant.

Ding, Ding, Ding Ding went the sound effects indicating the Democrat contestant answered correctly.


So who does the leftard douche bag Diebold conspiracy believer is the fascist mouthpiece? HillBill? The Dumbasscrat party ruling junta? The douche would be right on both counts, but I'm sure Bush is the one to be blamed. LOL. Leftard douche bags are funny.

Question not the Obamalith or your eyes will burn from Big Carbon Al's Chilean sea bass fueled flatulence.
Sea Bass? Is that back on the permitted menu again for everybody or just the elitist class like Gore and his rich buddies?
Speak not ill about the AlGore for he is better than you....
Arc - lol. These Libs and their assertions about Diebold and optical scanners and yaddafuckingyaddayadda just makes me wretch. It's ALWAYS a conspiracy for this crowd when they lose, but when they win they NEVER bring the issue of voter fraud up. Never. Hypocritical bastids!

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