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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Norman Goldman Says No Voter Fraud

The Left is apoplectic over the Supreme Court ruling that upheld an Indiana state law requiring people to show photo identification before voting, to guard against fraud. The Court made the right decision of course.

What is interesting is that the Left - once again wanting to have their cake and eat it - now claims that voter fraud should be proven before requiring voters to produce identification. This mindset was amplified by Moon Pie Faced Norman Goldslob... Goldstein... Goldfarb...Goldfinger...Goldman at approximately 39 minutes into the second hour of Liberal Radio Talker Big Fat Dumb Ed Schultz's program on Tuesday.

This is solid, unadulterated hilarity! The Left has cried voter fraud for at least the past seven-plus years. So the Supreme Court takes a valid step deciding that voters need to produce an ID. How does the Left respond to this? By saying that voter fraud needs to be proven before instituting such a disenfranchising ruling!

Norman Goldslob...a man with a law degree from a box of Cracker Jack?

Well, everyone is still waiting for the Left to actually prove any type of voter fraud. And...we still wait.

Oh, this one is rich! Sweet, deliciously chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, caramel rich!


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