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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCain Calls For Gas Tax Suspension

Republican presidential candidate John McCain called for a summer suspension of the federal gas tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Hillary Clinton is missing a golden moment of political opportunity on this issue. She knows - as does McCain - that the reality of the Feds dropping the tax on gasoline for three months is unlikely to happen. By a large margin. But it sounds good. And a suspension of the federal gas tax for three months is a good idea, but Democrats will never, ever agree to tax reductions, not even those that are temporary. So why isn't Hillary jumping on this bandwagon?

The federal taxes on gasoline is hardest on workers that Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle claims to represent. Obama's never going to advocate any type of tax relief. So why isn't Hillary taking advantage of this and saying McCain is right.

The other half of the Libs are poking fun at McCain's idea, but if Obama had suggested the same, it would have been the "hope" in politics and a bold idea that "changed" the face of traditional politics and campaigning. Plus it'll help the environment too, the Sky Is Falling Crowd would chime in.

So - not that she needs my free advice, but Hillary, why aren't you jumping on the bandwagon with McCain on this one?


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Thanks, I would have not known about this otherwise...
Thank you Butch. Hey, just doing my part!
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