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Monday, April 28, 2008

John McCain Won't Get My Vote

Perhaps someone needs to be preparing a comfy chair for Republican presidential candidate, Arizona's United States Senator John McCain, at the politician's retirement home of My Campaign Took The High Road. He can sit with both former Senator and 1996 Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole and former Republican President George H.W. Bush. Both Dole and Bush took the high road in their campaigns against Democrat candidate Bill Clinton. Dole lost and Bush watched his re-election go down the drain.

If McCain thinks he can take the high road in campaigning against Osama Hussein Obama The Obamalith, and especially if he ends up running against Hillary Clinton MrsSatan...then he's out of his mind.

I have to hand it to McCain, though. He just keeps right on going, handing me reason after reason not to support or vote for him. I've been trying to work my brain into a mode where I would support and vote for him. Well, no more.

McCain proved twice again to be the Antagonist of his own party when he announced late last week that he condemned a political advertisement being run by the North Carolina Republican State Party.

The best PR response for McCain should have been, "while I may personally disagree with the ad and wouldn't use it in my campaign, it's an issue for the North Carolina state Republican party to deal with." But no...Mister Maverick eagerly took the bait from the MSM and displayed for his critics the disdain he has for his own party.

Then, speaking in New Orleans, McCain took the opportunity to slam the Bush Administration's response to hurricane Katrina. We can rehash Katrina until the day humans become extinct, but there are two important facts that are almost always - I believe intentionally - overlooked in discussing Katrina, and McCain failed to note them. One; no one accurately predicted the severity of the hurricane. Two; state and local officials - whose past Democrat-weighted governing of hurricane stricken areas - are equally responsible for sharing the blame of not acting soon enough before the hurricane hit and responding slowly in its aftermath.

Of course, in order to pander to the Independents and Centrist Democrats of whom McCain thinks will vote for him - they won't - he has to bash his own party.

Perhaps I am deluding myself in thinking that McCain will honor any tradition of Conservatism from which, for much of his political life, he's distanced himself. Perhaps those that think like I do, who lean right of center but with an ample degree of skepticism and objectivity which instills our libertarianism, are fooling ourselves into thinking that McCain will honor the ideology that is important for Conservatives and Conservatism.

If we end up with eight years of MrsSatan or four or eight years of The Obamalith, fine, I'll deal with, I know it will be painful. But at the end of that tenure maybe, just maybe, Conservatism will have rediscovered it roots - again - and bring forth a strong platform and a strong candidate that isn't so antagonistic to his own party.

And McCain...well, he can sit in his comfy chair and take his turn telling stories with Bob Dole and H.W. Bush about how he took the high road during his presidential campaign and...how he lost.



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