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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DNC Will Air False McCain Campaign Ad

Here we go...this is what you get, Senator McCain, when you pander to the Left thinking they are your friends or that they will play fair.

The Republican National Committee said Monday it is asking cable networks not to air what they described as a “maliciously false” ad about John McCain from the Democratic National Committee. CNN:

    The RNC said the ad was in legal violation because its content was misleading. Asked about the prospect of legal action from Republicans in a conference call late Monday afternoon, DNC Chairman Howard Dean responded: “Let them do it.”

    The 30-second spot, slated to run on CNN and on MSNBC, highlights McCain’s comment that it would be acceptable if U.S. troops remained in Iraq for 100 years. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, was talking about a peace-keeping mission, not active conflict.

Playing nice with your political enemies isn't going to get you anywhere, Senator McCain. But pay no attention to talk like that. Keep alienating your base and reaching out to those who have opposing political ideology than you.

Don't expect Hillary or Barry to come to your defense or that they will "disavow" the ad, Senator McCain. Unlike you, Hillary and Barry actually treat their base with a degree of respect because they realize that they NEED THEIR BASE TO WIN, which is something that you just don't "get".

Hillary is already saying that McCain hasn't done enough to stop the Obama/Wright ads.

I can't wait to see how McCain urinates all over his base on this one.



What is crap is that political parties hold a monopoly on political advertising. If you want to watch TV you HAVE to see their BS ads... all these attack ads all the time are a load of crap. I cannot believe that anybody believes a word of them. Democrats are far worse than Republicans in this matter, but both parties have become socialist, and I don't want anything to do with either. Good post btw.

Hi Collin,

I agree both parties have trended to socialism. We (i.e. the US) will go straight to hell with the democrats at 100 MPG, and the republicans will take us there at 40MPH.

And I agree on the TV commercials. That's where the remote control comes in handy!

Thanks for saying you like the post, I appreicate it.

I had not heard of your site until today. I checked it out and like it and will be visiting on a regular basis.

Stay in touch, thanks for visiting,
This is why I can't vote for McPain: He has "target recognition" issues! We are so screwed!! This is what brought down the Roman Empire: Tolerance of weak, corrupt and incompetent leadership. I can't wait to win the lotto and move back to Antigua.
Agree KM - McCain has trouble identifying who is his true political enemy and who his supporters are. I'm tired of him pissing on the people he expects to vote for him.

Buckle up, we're in for 8 long years of Cuntess in the White House.
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