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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Das Puck

Well...the Colorado Avalanche beat the Minnesota Wild 2-1 Saturday night, winning the series 4-2.

The eyebrow-raising statistic coming out of this series being noted by sportswriters is that out of a possible 384.23 minutes of ice time in these six games, the Wild only led in scoring for 4 minutes, and 31 seconds. Any team can be doing a lot right on offense and defense, but if you can't sustain a lead - especially in hockey - beyond a few minutes, the chances of winning are...just.not.there.

Colorado deserved to win, they outplayed the Wild. Avalanche fans - as passionate as are Wild fans - must have had partied well into the night in Denver with their home win. The Avalanche are to be congratulated as is their goalie Jose Theodore. If his goal-stopping-streak continues through the playoffs - and there's nothing saying it shouldn't - Colorado seems unbeatable.

Last week in the Montreal Canadiens versus Baaawston Bruins series, Baaawston trailed 1-3. It was thought to be a short matter of time and work until Montreal eliminated them. The Bruins rallied back with damn impressive play tying the series 3-3 with game seven on Monday in Montreal, eh. 6PM. I'm sayin' Montral wins at home.

The Detroit Red Wings wrapped up their series 4-2 by a win of 3-0 in Nashville this afternoon.

San Jose leading Calgary 3-2 in their series. Game 6 tonight in Calgary, 7PM.

Dallas leading the Ducks 3-2 in their series. Ducks in Steerland tonight, 8PM.

The teams over the past week I said would be eliminated, the Devils, Baaawson, Washington and the Ducks, only the Devils have been eliminated. The others are making comebacks.

I have to think that Dallas brings it to an end tonight, winning at home, don't you?

Also, I have to think Calgary closes it up at home against the Sharks, providing an abundant opportunity for Calgarians - is that the right term - to be still be partying at sunrise and hungover all day Monday.

Game 6 of the Flyers vs Capitals Monday night in Philly, Flyers ahead in the series, 3-2.

As is teh Usual, NHL.com has all the 411, baaybeeeee! (in my best Dick Vitale impression).


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