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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clinton - Obama: Indiana Dead Heat

Hillary Clinton MrsSatan and Barack Osama Hussein bin Laden al-Obama
The Obamalith are tied in Indiana. Forbes Trailwatch:

    The most recent poll averages from Real Clear Politics show Indiana is a dead heat, with both candidates receiving support from 45.5% of likely voters.


    Manufacturing will be a key to a Clinton victory in the Indiana primary, as 20% of all those employed statewide work in manufacturing jobs. To win the state, Barack Obama needs to capture the student vote and urban voters, [He won't be able to do this. - Drake] specifically those in Indianapolis, where 25% of all votes statewide will be cast.


    Students and African American voters, however, can only take Obama so far in Indiana, a state where 86% of the electorate is white. He must also reach blue-collar workers, who account for 31% of the state’s 6.3 million residents and have recently supported Clinton.

Why...what's happening to the campaign of Ted Kennedy's Poodle?

Bele Obama: He's Black and White - or is that White and Black - just like Michael Jackson.

Is this the beginning of the end of The Obamalith's campaign? You bet it is and The Magic Bele is bitter about it. Very, very bitter.

Obama resorts to aggressive campaign tactics. The Telegraph:

    Barack Obama has taken off the gloves in his battle to win the American presidency - and in so doing has left critics wondering whether he is not just another conventional politician grubbing for votes. [Why, yes he is, thanks for noticing! - Drake]


    ...it is Mr Obama who has not "got it done". He is convincingly, perhaps insurmountably, ahead in the number of states won, his share of the popular votes cast, and his tally of elected delegates. But he has yet to win over enough party grandees, the "super-delegates", to be sure of securing the nomination.

    If he fails to wrest Indiana from Mrs Clinton, who is slightly ahead in the polls, his campaign fears that the remaining uncommitted super-delegates will lose faith in his ability to win and back his rival instead.


    Mr Obama now exhibits irritation at his need to keep explaining himself to those voters - including the white working class, older, women and Catholics - who remain stubbornly resistant to his charms. [It's not that they are stubborn, they just recognize a huckster when they see one. - Drake]


    The conservative columnist David Brooks, once an admirer, complained that he has morphed into "a more conventional politician", guilty of "the sorts of fibs, evasions and hypocrisies that are the stuff of conventional politics". The liberal commentator Paul Krugman condemned Mr Obama's reliance on the message that Mrs Clinton is unlikely to overcome his lead among pledged delegates.

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! Is that SUPER DUPER UBER LIBERAL Paul Krugman dissin on Obama? Who knew Krugman contained a quark of objectivity. He must have put away his Brownshirt for the moment.

The popular vote - of which Hillary claims she is now ahead in - between MrsSatan and The Obamalith is so much closer than the popular vote difference between George W. Bush and Albert Gore, Junior in 2000 - yet the Obamaniacs still scream, yell, kick their feet and have hissy fits whining that Hillary should quit the race. If Obama was trailing by the few points and votes as is Hillary, would the Obamaniacs be thinking he should quit the race? Hardly. But never underestimate the ability of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse and Obama Cultists in their unified hatred of all things not Marxist.


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